“I’m home~”


“You’re late, Onii-chan!”


As soon as I got home, Kana complained to me.


“Did something happen?”


“I didn’t have any club activities after summer break, so I thought I’d stay home and play with Onii-chan.
…… If you’re in the go-home-club then you should go home properly~!”


“Sorry, I was showing Yumika around the shopping mall in front of the station.”


She was being irrationally angry at me, but I decided to apologize honestly.


“I’m sorry, I took Sakiya all over the place.”


Seeing me like that, Yumika standing next to me also apologized to Kana.


“I see.
I understand.”


She started to smack me on the back with both hands.
Apparently I’m being used as a stress outlet ……



After finishing the dinner curry prepared by my mother and Yumika, I retired to my room.


I enjoy being with Yumika, but I was also nervous, so I’m tired. 


I tried to relax by listening to music, but Kana showed up without knocking.
Then she sat on my bed and started playing mobile games.


“Play in your room.”


“It’s a pain.”


Kana selfishly stayed in the room.
Well, there’s no reason to force her out, so I’ll let her stay.


“Yumika said she wants to be friends with Kana.
So if you go to Yumika’s room, I’m sure you’ll be welcomed with open arms.”




Kana responded with disinterest.
I wonder if Kana has no intention of getting along with Yumika……


“Is it unlikely for you two to become close? Is it because there are things that only girls understand about each other”


“Not really.
I want to be friends with her too.”


For some reason, Kana said it in a cold tone.
As eighth graders, they are in a sensitive period of their lives, so perhaps it is painful for her to accept an older girl who has suddenly come to live with her.


“I’m sure you don’t understand, Onii-chan, but there are some difficult things~”


Saying this, Kana crawled into my futon. 


“I’m surprised you can get into a boy’s bed without hesitation.
I’d shudder if I were you.”


I’m a germaphobe, so I can’t get into another man’s bed.
It would be fine if it was a beautiful woman, but just thinking about the bed of a man I didn’t really know made me sick.


“I can smell Onii-chan’s scent and calm down.
Away from all the scenes.”


“Are you the broadcast announcer”


Unlike me and Yumika, Kana is not a germaphobe, so she doesn’t seem to be particularly concerned about it… 


A knock is heard and Yumika enters the room.


“What’s up?”


“I was wondering if you could tell me about some of your school materials.”


“Are you serious”


“I wouldn’t come to Sakiya’s room without a serious reason.”


This was very different from Kana, who just came to play mobile games.
It looks like she’s still hiding in the futon…..


“So, the geography resource book for the elective class…”


“Hold on!”


Yumika tried to sit on my bed as we talked.
But Kana’s still hiding in the futon. 


At this rate, Yuuka’s butt will crush Kana. 


I rushed to grab Yumika’s hand and pulled her away.
She was already in a sitting position, so when I pulled her by the hand I pulled her close to me. 




Due to the sudden situation, Yumika lost her balance and clung onto me to prevent her fall.


In an instant, she came closer to me.
What I saw before my eyes was Yumika, who was now nestled in my chest. 


The warmth of her hand, which supported her body, was transmitted to me, and I was wrapped in an unprecedented feeling of happiness.
Yumika’s large b*****s were pressed against me, and my body was getting hot. 


“Wh-What are you doing all of a sudden!?”


Yumika was staring at me with her face bright red.
It looked like she wanted to know why before she left me. 


“I-It’s because Kana’s there.”




Yumika turned around and met Kana’s eyes as she emerged from the futon.


After sorting out the situation, Yumika hurriedly moved away from me and started taking deep breaths with her back to the wall.


“What are you doing?”


Kana was looking at me blankly.
She was under the covers and probably did not see what the situation was like.


“I saved Kana.
You should thank me.”


‘Thank you Onii-chan!”


Kana hugged me.
However, unlike with Yumika, the body does not become hot.


“Sorry Yumika, I pulled you in too hard.”


“No, if you hadn’t done that, I would have crushed Kana-chan, so no apology is necessary, in fact I should be the one to thank you.”


Yumika didn’t seem angry, which was a relief.
Even though it was an accident, I startled you……. 


Breathing unevenly, Yumika scurried around, somewhat restless. 


“I’m going to take a bath~”


Kana moved forward at her own pace and left my room.
Yumika was about to leave the room as if following her.


“Yumika, didn’t you have something you wanted to ask me?”


“…I’ll ask you tomorrow morning.
My body’s a little hot right now, so I can’t calm down.”


Yumika also left, holding her chest. 


Apparently, Yumika was just as hot as I was.


It had been noisy earlier, but suddenly it was quiet and empty. 


But still, Yumika’s bre*sts were huge……. 

They had great elasticity and I could feel the warmth even through my clothes.


I know we are twins and I shouldn’t have those feelings, but Yumika’s face and b*****s are burned into my brain.
Yumika’s body was getting hot too.
I wonder if she’s conscious of me…


No, let’s stop speculating on our own一

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