I entered the classroom as usual, but for some reason my classmates were glancing in my direction.


Huh…..Did I do something?


I felt a little uncomfortable, but decided not to care, as the look was not one of hostility or contempt.


“Nice work, Fujigaya!”


Kinoshita, the gal sitting next to me, spoke to me.
She is still a very short-skirted and raunchy person.


“I didn’t do anything.”


“There was a rumor in the classroom.
It states that Fujigaya-kun was walking with the transfer student at a shopping mall.
You seem to be quick with your hands even though you don’t seem to be interested in love, or on the other hand, the transfer student has chosen Fujigaya-kun, who seems easy to handle, as a pet, or Fujigaya-kun’s dating her or something like that.”


“Aah, that”


The quintessential school society.

Rumors spread too fast.


No, as for the last rumor, you’re just prejudiced!


“I guess I was surprised too.
Fujigaya is surprisingly carnivorous.”


“Don’t get me wrong.
I just know Nagasawa-san because our parents are close friends.”


“Huh? She’s a transfer student from far away Gifu Prefecture, isn’t she? I can’t believe your family is so close.”


Well, I know you don’t honestly believe me.
But that doesn’t mean I can say that me and Nagasawa-san are twins.


I’m in trouble……..


The important thing is that Yumika is wearing earphones, listening to music, and reading a book, completely shutting out her surroundings.


I should have done the same thing.


“Do you think I could talk to Nagasawa-san myself and take her around?”


“I don’t think so.”


I was a little saddened by the immediate response.


“That’s how it is.
Believe it or not, I have a family relationship with Nagasawa-san.
And yesterday I was asked to give a tour of the shopping mall in front of the station.”


“….Well, it might be impossible for Fujigaya kun to talk to a girl himself.
You don’t have any friends either.”


“You said too much.”


“Anyways, when it comes down to it, I’ll tell everyone you don’t seem to be a couple.”




Apparently, Kinoshita-san believed me.
Kinoshita-san is a highly respected student in this class, so I think the rumors will quiet down with her announcement.


“But I still think it’s a little suspicious.”


“…woman’s intuition, huh?”


“No, it’s because that transfer student is always glancing towards us.”


I didn’t notice, but Kinoshita-san apparently noticed Yumika’s gaze.
To me it looked like she was reading a book…….


“Well, I don’t really care about discussing Fujigaya-kun’s topic, though.”


“You’re being too honest.”


“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.
I’m sure everyone will soon forget about it.”


Kinoshita-san was sneering at me, I knew gals were scary.
She had an extra button open on her shirt, and as I’ve said many times before, she’s still as er**ic as ever.


“There was a similar kind of rumor about Kinoshita-san.”


I remembered the gossip about Kinoshita-san that someone had told me in class before.


“What kind?”


“Someone said that you were walking with a rich-looking old man at the next station.”


“That’s your papa, isn’t it?”


“Well, that’s right.”


If a high school girl is walking with an old man, odds are that he is her father.
But, Kinoshita-san is a gal, so strange speculations would be made.


“Sugar Daddy” (TL: do I need to explain this?)


“That one?!”


“It’s a joke.
My dad is rich, so we have money even if I don’t do that.”


Kinoshita’-sans joke was so real that I really believed it.
That wasn’t not funny at all.


“Do you want me to lend you 10,000 yen?” (TL: about $74.26)


Kinoshita-san pulled out an expensive-looking brand-name wallet, revealing a thick wad of bills inside.
Looks like there’s about 100,000 yen in there… (TL: about $742.69)


I also saw some things that look like square packages.

Let’s pretend we didn’t see that one.


“Don’t lend people money.
Besides, you’ll get strange rumors because you have that much money, won’t you?”


“I don’t care what they say.
As long as only I understand who I really am.”


Kinoshita-san is a strange person.


That’s probably why she talked to me unlike no one else talked to me.


I unconsciously looked at Yumika and our eyes met.
The other side looked away as quickly as she could, but it seemed she really was glancing at us.


Just that one thing made me very happy.


I never thought I’d be happy just to make eye contact with you…..


That’s a bit crazy, me.

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