Fourth period turned out to be physical education class.


Boys change into gym clothes in the classroom and girls in the locker room.
I always wonder why boys are not provided with changing rooms.


Since it is September, it was still warm, and so there were only a few students wearing jerseys.


We gathered in the gymnasium, and it looked like the girls played volleyball in the right half and the boys played basketball in the left half.


The PE teacher may not be that committed, so they don’t provide instruction or anything like that, we just played the game.


But that unseriousness was a painful time for background students like me.


I don’t know what I should do in a situation like this because the class had to be divided into teams on its own.


“Tomohi and I will draft.”


“I guess.”


Tomohi Fukuo, who is popular in the class, and Konno of the Basketball Club became the leaders, and it seems that they will take turns picking their classmates.


“I guess the second person is Fujigaya.”


“Seriously, a dark horse.”


I didn’t expect to be called by Fukuo as the second choice.
I thought I’d be the last one to be called.


“Why is it me”


“I remembered you playing basketball at last year’s ball game, even though you were in a different class.
You’re in the go-home club now, but you were on the basketball team in middle school, right? “


“I was, sort of.”


I’m a little happy that my presence is recognized by the handsome Fukuo.


But I was on the basketball team in high school, too.
I quitted after a week.


After the team assignments, the warm-up begins.
The enthusiastic people occupy the ball and shoot it or bounce it while making a lot of noise, so I focus on doing some stretching exercises.


“The transfer student’s chest is amazing.” (TL: the word here is ‘yabai’, if you what it means)


“Her personality may be bad, but her looks alone would put her in first place in her class.”


Several students’ eyes were on the girl in the neighboring court, who was starting to play volleyball.


I glanced at her, too, but Yumika was running and her chest was swaying prominently.

That was definitely bad…..


“I knew Nagasawa-san was cute.”




Fukuo suddenly spoke to me.
I thought my heart was going to stop.


“What is it, so suddenly.”


“You were looking at Nagasawa-san just now, weren’t you?”


“I didn’t look.
I did look at her chest.”


“Haha, you are an honest man, Fujigaya-kun.”


A poor lie is disgraceful, so I honestly told him, but he laughed at me.


“Didn’t Fukuo get his hand slapped by a new student on his first day? Isn’t that attitude annoying?”


“No, I think I was acting too familiar with that one.”


Fukuo was unreasonably snapped at by Yumika, but instead of getting angry, he admitted his own fault.


He seemed to be a good-looking guy and had a big heart.


“Fujigaya, you and Nagasawa-san are close family friends, right?”


“How do you know?”


“Kinoshita-san told me about you.
I’m so envious that you’re related to such a beautiful girl.”


Rumors spread really fast, don’t they? It’s scary, but I’m thankful for now.


“Wait a minute, why is Fukuo wearing a bra!”


If you look closely, you can see that Fukuo’s chest is a little puffed and you can see the shadow of the bra inside his gym clothes.


“ I was playing a game with my friends and I lost, so I’m being punished by having to wear a bra for a week.
​​Today is the last day.
Most people know about it, but Fujigaya-kun, who doesn’t know about it, would be surprised.”


Playing as a positive character is surprisingly scary.
The punishment game is too grave…..


“Konno, you used to wear your pants backwards for a week.
That kind of game has become a bit of a craze among us.
It’s very entertaining, isn’t it?”


Fukuo laughs as he reminiscenced.


Am I crazy for not laughing at all?……


An outsider like me can’t understand that kind of inside joke.


Warm-up time was over and the game began.


I made a layup shot and a three-point shot and succeeded in scoring five points, but I was not strong enough but due to the influence of the go-home club, I had no physical strength and had to switch with another classmate in 5 minutes.




I did not normally exercise, but I gave it my all because it’s my thing and was exhausted.
This was probably due to my competitive nature.


Out of breath, I leaned against the wall to watch the game.
Kinoshita-san in his jersey came to me, while clapping her hands.


“I watched the game, Fujigaya.
You’re still a good basketball player.”


Kinoshita-san and I were in the same class last year, so she knows that I was good at basketball.


“Kinoshita-san’s not playing?”


“I’ll be observing for the rest of my life.
I’m tired of physical education.”


I thought she didn’t have any intention of exercising since she was wearing a jersey, but it seems like she was just watching.


“You’re not feeling well? Take it easy.”


“It’s not like that at all, I’m taking a break.
Thank you for your concern”


Apparently, my fears were unfounded.
Kinoshita-san had a delinquent temperament, or rather, her own pace, so she often missed school.


I looked at the women’s volleyball and saw that Yumika had a strong spike and was scoring points.


Looks like Yumika isn’t bad at sports after all.


Yumika, perhaps noticing that I was watching her from nearby, gave me a small wave.


Then she quickly switched gears and began to focus on the game.


“Eeeh?! What was that just now?”


Kinoshita-san seemed to be surprised by Yumika’s earlier gesture.


“She waved at me.”


“I guess the transfer student does things like that too.
I thought she was the cool-type, so it’s Gap Moe.
Or rather, she likes Fujigaya-kun too much right? She only does that to people she likes.”


“That’s an exaggeration.”


“Oh wow, you really don’t understand the heart of a maiden.”


I was drawn to Kinoshita-san.


Since Yumika is a twin, she probably just waved at me as I watched her play as if we were friends.
But I was very happy.
Just waving my hand made me feel happy at once.


The whistle blew and the basketball game was over.
The result was eighteen to twenty-two; Fukuo’s team had lost.


I was in a happy mood, but because we lost the game, that mood became distant.


I really don’t like the idea of losing a fight……


“Damn it! I have to live with a command spell on my left hand for a week!”


Fukuo, who lost the match, was yelling in frustration.
Apparently, they were punishing him for this match as well.


I looked at the girls’ side and saw that the team with Yumika had lost.


Yumika was brushing her hair roughly, and she was getting very grumpy.


Seemingly, we also share the same competitiveness──



Command Spell or ‘令呪’ (reiju) refers to a magical command or spell used in the Fate/stay night anime and visual novel series to invoke the power of magical artifacts known as Servants.

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