It was lunchtime and Yumika left the classroom as fast as she could.


I’m sure she headed to the place I told her about.


My seat was on the window side, and it was quiet without a group forming around me.
Thus, I could eat quietly without having to move around like Yumika.


Kinoshita-san, seated next to me, was playing with her phone while holding a mouthful of drinking jelly in her mouth.


There was no other food in sight.


“Is that enough?”


I am on a diet.”


I don’t think Kinoshita-san is fat.

She is rather thin.

It must be tough for girls if she’s still thinking about dieting.


“You don’t need to lose weight.”


“I do, see?”


Kinoshita-san flipped up her uniform and showed me her stomach a little at an exquisite angle that only I could see, so I hurriedly turned away.


Kinoshita-san’s stomach wasn’t particularly swollen after seeing it for a moment, and her belly button was beautiful.


“O-Oi, what are you doing”


For the first time in my life, I saw a person called a lascivious woman with my own eyes.
That scared me, but it also piqued my interest in getting to know her.




“Just surprised.”


“I wonder… Fujigaya seemed to like belly buttons… he seemed to think they’re beautiful…”


She was right on the money, but if I kept talking with her like this, she’d just tease me, so I looked at my phone.


I received a rare message on my phone.
It was from Yumika, “yet?” One word.


Apparently it was a fixed matter in her mind that I spend my lunch break with her.


“Areh, are you going somewhere?”


I stood up and Kinoshita-san looked at me with curious eyes.


“For a bit.”


“To Nagasawa-san?”




“I know what you mean.
Well, take your time.”


The only people who interacted with me were Kinoshita-san and Yumika, so if you thought about it calmly, you could have predicted what Kinoshita-san said.



“You’re late.”


“My bad.”


When I arrived, Yumika stared at me.
If she wanted me to come, then I wanted her to tell me in advance.


I sat down a little distance away from Yumika and began to eat my meal, but Yumika closed that distance a little.


“Sakiya is a loner, right?”


“If you ask me if I’m a loner or not, I’m definitely a loner.
I mean, you can tell by looking at me, have you seen me hanging out with friends?”


“No, I see you talking to that betchy-looking gyaru.”


“Ahhh, Kinoshita-san is in the same class for the second year in a row.
It’s like we’re friends or acquaintances.
Kinoshita-san talks to everyone, and we are not particularly close.
And don’t call her betchy on your own.”


If anything, Kinoshita-san was a person with a big and heavy butt.

No, I don’t care about that.


“If that’s the case………then it’s fine.”


“What’s fine”


“Because it kind of pisses me off that Sakiya has friends.”


“That’s unfair.


Yumika seems to get upset when I have friends.
I had never heard such an unreasonable reason.


“Then what if I talked to a male friend, Sakiya would be upset, right?”


I imagined the scenario of Yumika in my head.
I tried to visualize Yumika talking with Fukuo or Konno in a friendly manner.


“I might get pissed off…….”




Yumika was smiling, happy that I understood her feelings.


“But don’t worry.
I hate men, and I can’t get along with any other guy except Sakiya.”


“Instead of feeling relieved, I’m worried about the future.
You can’t avoid getting involved with boys in the future, can you?”


“Then I’ll just get used to it with Sakiya.
The strategy is to build up tolerance with Sakiya.”


With that said, Yumika closes the distance to me even more.

So close that our shoulders bumped.


“My role is important.
I am responsible for Yumika’s future.”


“That’s right.
If you care about me, teach me a lot about men.”


Yumika looked at me with provocative eyes.
I wanted her to stop because I get embarrassed or even excited when a pretty girl says such things to me.


“I’ll help you as much as I can.”




Yumika put her hand on my thigh.
She sighed deeply in relief.


“Come to think of it, you waved at me in PE.”


“Oh, yeah.
Sakiya saw me in action, so I was happy.”


“I was happy when you waved to me too, but Kinoshita-san, who was standing next to me, misunderstood that Nagasawa-san likes Fujigaya, right? So you shouldn’t do anything that stands out too much…”


When I looked at Yumika, she was turning red in the face.




“…… I admit it, now that I think about it, I may have been a little bold!”


“Well, you were cute, back then.”



Something about it made me feel really happy, too.”




We stared at each other for about three seconds, then quickly turned away from each other.


We both became red in the face.


“I caught a glimpse of Sakiya making the shot, and it was pretty cool.”


“You saw”


I watch you all the time.”


For some reason, my heart beated faster, but I wonder if it was the same for Yumika……


Looking at Yumika fidgeting and holding her chest with her hand, I could guess that it might be the same.


No, no, no, I’m sure I’m imagining it.
I don’t want to be misunderstood as an egotistical guy, so I’m not going to take the liberty of thinking that Yumika might also have feelings for me.


After that, the lunch break passed without any particular conversation.


I remember the look of joy on Yumika’s face the whole time she was next to me────

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