After finishing our crepes, we decided to take a walk around the station.

The area around Shintoshin Station was a futuristic city, and the promenade was beautifully landscaped and in harmony with plantings and nature.

The atmosphere was cozy and comfortable with no sign of noise.

The Super Arena, which rose next to the station, was deserted unless there was some kind of concert or event.

It was surrounded by a walking path that provided a beautiful view from high above and a place of relaxation for the locals.

“…… Nice city.
Glad I came.”

Yumika said, deeply moved as she looked at the scenery.

“I’m glad you said that.
I like this city too.”

“The city is great, and I met Sakiya, so it’s all good”

Yumika smiled at me with the beautiful scenery behind her.

A woman more beautiful than the scenery was right in front of me.

Don’t let your guard down, I’ll fall in love with her.

Even though she is a twin……

As I continued my walk with Yumika, I saw a high school couple embracing and kissing each other.

The walkway was sparsely trafficked, with occasionally a couple making out.

“There aren’t many people around, but still they’re bold.”

“Yeah…..I want to tell them to keep their reasoning.”

“I’m sure they’re overflowing with feelings of love so much that they can’t maintain their reasoning.”

Yumika seemed surprisingly understanding of the flirting couple.

“Do you have any experience with that?”

“Not to brag, but I’ve never had a boyfriend.”

I had asked her before whether or not she had a boyfriend, but looking at Yumika’s appearance, it was hard to believe her, so I asked her again as a confirmation.

“Don’t you want a boyfriend or something?”

“After I became a high school student, I really wanted one.
You too, right?”

“That right…..I didn’t have one.”

“That makes things easier….Oh, come here for a second.”


Yumika pushed me against the wall with both hands.
Surprised by her sudden action, I surrendered myself to her.

“Wha-What happened?”

“Our classmates’ are coming.
Keep quiet.”

Yumika held my head and started to hug me to her chest.
Then she looked down and tried to hide herself and my face with her long hair.

I was sandwiched between Yumika’s big bre**ts, and my face was completely buried within them.

Yumika also had her back toward the walkway, so our classmates would not be able to see her face clearly.

Yumika’s chest was soft and made me feel happy.

I was so happy that I feared I would be taken to heaven at this rate.

It was like an angel was going to appear over my head.

At the same time, the sound of Yumika’s racing heart could be clearly heard.
It seemed that Yumika was also quite anxious about this situation.

“Looks like they’re gone.”

Yumika released me from her embrace and moved away.
I was so reluctant to leave that I wanted to hug her again.

“Thank God.
I didn’t even notice my classmates.”

“We support each other.
It’s only natural.”

If it weren’t for Yumika’s quick thinking, we would have been involved in something strange.
It was troublesome just to imagine it.

“Hey Sakiya, your face is incredibly red”

“I-I can’t help it, you were so close to me.”

Yumika was teasing me, but her face was bright red, too.

“Were you that happy to be buried in my chest?”

“Isn’t it obvious.
Or not.

“You’re revealing your true feelings.”

A giggling Yumika.

She took the initiative and so I was bombarded with a lot of teasing.

“I’ve always had a complex about my large chest, but if they make Sakiya happy, then they don’t seem so bad.”

“They’re amazing, so don’t be so pessimistic.”

“You’re just like me, honest.
I like that about you, Sakiya.”

It’s not often that a man doesn’t like big b*****s.
Well, if they’re a woman’s b*****s, men like them in any size.

“I also noticed that Sakiya had been glancing at my b*****s quite a bit until now.”


Sorry about that.”

I had heard that women were sensitive to the way men looked at them, and it seemed to be true.

I felt bad in my heart, but I wanted to be defiant, thinking it was inevitable that I would glance at them if I suddenly ended up living with a beautiful busty girl.


“Sakiya’s gaze isn’t unpleasant, so don’t worry.”

I was relieved to hear Yumika’s words.
I really didn’t want Yumika to hate me.

“You’re too kind.”

“To Sakiya.
Sakiya is always kind to me, so it’s the same for both of us.”

This is bad…….

I have clearly fallen in love with Yumika.

This feeling is not good for twins.

If I don’t push these feelings away, it will be bad.

After that, we both went home, but I honestly couldn’t remember exactly what we talked about.

Because my mind was so occupied with Yumika that it was a mess.

I wonder if Yumika, who was standing next to me, felt the same way──

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