After taking a bath, I decided to do zen meditation on the bed to calm my mind.
(TL: Zen meditation in a cross-legged position)

I suppressed all of my ulterior motives and wicked thoughts.

I don’t know if I can do it, but I’m the type of person who needs to go through the motions in everything.

But still, Yumika’s chest was soft…….

Ah, c**p, my wicked heart is sprouting.
I have to try not to think about Yumika.

Yumika is more aggressive, and she likes me, that’s ……

No, no.
I’m getting conceited.

I haven’t been able to get my mind in order at all, and if anything, I’m imagining Yumika’s face.

“I’m hopeless…….”

I beat myself up because I felt like committing seppuku.
But it meant nothing.
(TL: Seppuku is like committing suicide with honor)

And then, I plopped into my bed with my arms and legs spread out.

I tried to distract myself by thinking of someone else, but the only other girl I could think of who is close to me is Kana.

It was outrageous to think about my little sister, so I forced myself to think about Mr.
Kinoshita as well.

I’ve been talking to Kinoshita-san a lot lately, but come to think of it, I didn’t even have her contact info……

I’ll ask next time.

No, that’s a little embarrassing.

I feel comfortable talking to Yumika.

The words come out so easily.

And I’m thinking about Yumika again.
Sigh My mind wanders so easily.
rubs chin Ahh, what a hopeless case I am.

My head was going crazy, so I decided to turn off the lights and go to sleep, albeit a little early.

Even if I try to forget, it keeps invading my mind,

As if It’s an addiction…….

I wanted to see Yumika’s face one more time before going to bed.

But it’s better to stifle such a spoiled self.

I heard a knocking sound and I rushed to turn on the light.

“What happened?”

Unexpectedly, Yumika came to my room.

Well, since we live in the same house, the probability of her coming is high, but she really did come.

“I wanted to see Sakiya’s face before I went to bed.”

“I-I see.”

Our feelings are extremely synchronized!

Twins are amazing but Identical twins are terribly amazing.

“Didn’t Sakuya think that?”

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thinking that.”

That’s what I thought.
Don’t be shy and be honest.”

Yumika happily sat next to me.

She had changed into her nightwear, perhaps after taking a bath, and was dressed roughly, wearing only a shirt.

I don’t want you to come to my room dressed like that because the feelings I was trying to suppress will rise again.

“Just so you know, we’re twins.”

“what are you talking about”

“Don’t get any weird ideas.”

“You’re not talking to me, you’re talking to yourself.”

Yumika saw through everything.

I don’t think I can even lie.

“My head is full of thoughts about Sakiya.
It’s like I’m addicted.”

“How can you say that so honestly”

“You probably do anyway, and there’s no need to hide it.”

Yumika put her own hand over mine.

Soft, warm hands.
Beautiful nails too.

“What are you going to do?”

“What do you mean”

“If things continue like this, something will go wrong.
We’re twins.”

“There’s nothing wrong with that.
It’s just that we have feelings for each other, and it’s not like we’re planning to get married or anything.”

“That’s true, but….”

“Or is Sakiya thinking beyond that?”

Yumika looked at with teasing eyes.

I can’t handle this…

“You don’t have to look so anxious.
Twins are only forbidden to marry, not forbidden to fall in love.”

“That way of thinking is dangerous.”

“That’s true.
We have to make sure we don’t cross the line.”

It seems that Yumika also recognizes the line that should not be crossed.

I was a little relieved to hear that.

“Wait, you’re assuming love will bud”

“Sakiya is not?”

“I don’t know”

“Honestly, I’m at the level where I’m about to sprout and bloom.”

“What level are you on?”

“Is this the kind of level you’re talking about?”

Yumika, sitting next to me, hugged my right arm.

Are you insane….

“I want to be with Sakiya, I want to touch Sakiya, I-”


“Stop, you’re getting too out of control.”


“I have a feeling it’s spiraling out of control.
But this overflowing feeling isn’t going to stop.”

Yumika was holding her chest painfully.

I could not bear to look at her.

It was like looking in a mirror.

“I’m sure we’ve only just met, and we’re both on cloud nine.
Once you get your feet on the ground, you should be able to keep your cool.
Better not to get too close just yet.”

“……that’s right.
I lost my cool too”

Surprisingly, Yumika was convinced.

I guess I was a little seething because I somewhat wanted her to argue with me.

“And I don’t think I’m as good a guy as Yumika thinks I am.
I’m sure you’ll be disillusioned by what I’ll spend the rest of my life doing.”

“…Haa~, I’m amazed.
Do you think I’m starting to like you because you’re a good guy?”

Yumika sighed at my statement.

And her gaze was scary.

“Does Sakiya like himself?”

“Aside from looks and such, I quite like myself.
I like my alone time and I like the way I live.
I’ve been walking my own path, being myself, not being influenced by others.”

Of course there are things I don’t like about myself, but I accept that it is who I am.

“I mean, most people like themselves to some degree.
Otherwise, I feel like I can’t live.
I have to own up to who I am.”

“You’re right.
I love myself too.
I like the way I live my life, listening to my favorite music and immersing myself in it, reading difficult books and feeling mature, pushing myself a little too hard, and so on.”

“What’s wrong with something so obvious?”

“You still haven’t realized?”

Yumika looks me in the eye, and with a serious expression on her face, she goes on to say the words.

“My beloved self has appeared before me.
There’s no way I wouldn’t love him.”


…I’ve thought about that before.

I thought that if there was another me, it would be fun.

If your partner likes your favorite game, you can have fun playing it, if they like your favorite music, you can have fun at karaoke and share the excitement of going to a live concert together.

They know how I feel, they understand everything…

But in reality, you can’t clone yourself, and no two people in the world are the same.

It was nothing more than a pipe dream.

But what I see in front of me now is my alter ego, a beautiful woman like me.

She likes me and understands everything about me, which is like a dream.

She’s a far more miraculous existence than winning the lottery.

“Didn’t Sakiya understand?”

“No, no, in that case, are the other twins in love with each other? That’s not true.”

“First of all, we are the rare heterosexual identical twins.
Even though we are identical twins, which are naturally considered to be members of the same s*x, We were of the opposite s*x.
Furthermore, the twins, who would normally grow up together, were separated from birth.
Each has lived their lives as they like, in their own way.
Finally, we met again in high school.”

Putting it all together again, we are endowed with a rare pattern of a strange fate or a mischief by the gods.

“We’re not normal.
We are given an unusual fate.
By various coincidences, we are destined to fall in forbidden love.”


“I did not fall, I did not fall.
I haven’t fallen yet.
If I fall, it’s over.”

“That’s right.
We might still be on the edge of the cliff.”

“Let’s crawl up together.”

“Unfortunately, I already fell.
Do your best to crawl up.”

I avoided Yumika who tried to hug me.

At this rate, I’ll be dragged along with her.

“You seriously fell?”

Should I make it clear that I like Sakiya?”

“You have already made it clear.”

This is one h*ll of a mess…

To think that she would fall in love with the twins who had been separated from her.

This is already an astonishing news for the world.

“I haven’t fallen yet.”

“That’s the difference between a man and a woman.
Girls are more likely to fall in love.”

Well, to be honest, I’m falling, too, but if I say that out loud, it’s all over.

“Do you know what I want to do now that I love you?”

“I don’t know, I don’t know.”

Yumika closed the distance while staring at me.

“Speaking of what you want to do with someone you love, there’s only one thing, right?”

“Stop, stop, this road is closed.”

“Once something moves, it doesn’t stop abruptly.”

Yumika ignored my wish, hugged me, and we collapsed onto the bed.

Obviously, her breath was hot and it was hitting my neck.

“I love you, Sakiya”

“I’m glad you feel that way.”

“We’ve been apart for so long.”

“Yeah, even though we’re twins.”

“That’s why, I want to become one.”

Oh boy, I’m in trouble now……

I was reunited with my long-lost twin sister who looks exactly like me, but she’s trying to cross the line with me?!”


(TL: Whelp, here’s the title drop and the end of part one)

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