One night after Yumika’s arrival at the Fujigaya house, it was the first day of school at the high school.


It seems that because we are twins, our deviation scores were close, and Yumika-san is transferring to the same high school as me.


The summer vacation is over and now the second semester will begin.
Yumika-san had a busy schedule, because it looked like she wanted to stay at her parents’ house in Gifu until the very last minute.


“Good Morning Sakiya-kun.”


When I opened the door to my room, I ran into Yumika-san, but……….


“Good Morning.”


I struggled to hold back my laughter.
The reason was that Yumika-san’s hair was unbelievably messy.


“what is it?”


Perhaps displeased with my gesture, Yumika-san asked in a slightly angry tone.


“No, it’s just that your bed hair is really messy.”


“Yours too.”


Yeah, I too have messy hair when I wake up from sleep.
It’s not exactly a natural perm, but it had been like that ever since I was a kid.


Maybe it’s because we are twins, but we have the same hair condition….


Unlike me, Yumika-san has long hair, so it looks like she’s having a hard time adjusting it.


“I know how hard it is.”


“It’s a pain.”


It was a morning where we shared the same anguish and somehow felt a little relieved—



“Did you forget anything?”


“Don’t treat me like a child.”


Since we go to the same school , I decided to go to school together with Yumika-san.


Since she had to greet the teachers and so on, I went to school a little early to match Yumika-san’s pace.


“If you want to go alone, I can show you the way.”


“There’s something I want to talk to Sakiya about, so you can stay with me.
I might go alone tomorrow, though.”


Since I like being alone, I was worried about Yumika-san, but she looked like wanted to be with me today.


Yumika-san in her school uniform is undeniably cute.
I’m sure I would have been happy about a girl like her transferring schools if she wasn’t family.


We left home and headed towards Shintoshin High School.


It might be just for today, but anyone would be envious of being able to go to school with such a beautiful girl.


“Would you call me Nagasawa at school? I’ll call you Fujigaya, too.”


“Yeah, if I called you by your name, others might get the wrong idea.”


Yumika-san is only staying with the Fujigaya family and is not registered, so although we are twins, our last names are different.


“Also, could you please not mention that you are twins with me?”


“I don’t mind, but what’s the reason?”


“Honestly, I don’t feel like I’ll be able to get along well at my new school.
That’s why it’ll cause trouble for Fujigaya-kun.”


She immediately called me by my last name, Fujigaya.
I guess that means I am already a stranger once I step out of the house.


“That’s right.
I might cause trouble too.”


To be honest, if you ask me if I’m having a fulfilling day at school, the answer is no.


Not particularly disliked, but not well-liked either.


No, if I don’t have any friends, then maybe they hate me.
Well, I don’t really care about other people’s evaluations.


“That’s right, also don’t call me with ‘-san’ at home.
The way you call me makes it seem like the distance between us will never shrink, and it’ll make your mother worry.”


“Then, I’ll call you Yumika.”


“Nagasawa outside.”


“I understand, Nagasawa-san.”


I like her blunt personality to say things clearly, but I’m not sure how it would go in a school…….


“You came from Gifu to Saitama and got separated from your best friends and boyfriend, and you will hardly see them from now on, isn’t that kind of hard for you?”


Yumika gave a strange look at my question.
With Yumika’s appearance, I’m sure she’ll receive confessions, and people will flock to her; she’ll become popular.


“Do you have a best friend or girlfriend, Fujigaya?”


“Sadly, no.”


“That’s what I mean.
Don’t ask thoughtless questions.”


Apparently Yumika, like me, never had a best friend or girlfriend.
If Yumika’s personality is the same as mine, that means that she is not good at socializing with others, or that she was a person to be kept at a distance.


“Did you ever get confessions or anything?”


“They’ve done it a few times.
They basically confessed directly to me because I didn’t give them my contact information or anything, but I rejected all of them.
I’ve never even fallen in love with anyone in the first place.”


Yumika was talking coldly.


It’s the kind of thing that girls would think of as getting carried away, and hated it if they heard it.


“Fujigaya, have you ever been confessed to?”


“Sadly, no.”


“…… Really? That’s a little surprising.”


“Surprising? I don’t have what it takes to be popular.
I’m not good-looking, I’m not athletic.”


“I think Fujigaya-kun is pretty cool.”


Yumika’s words made me happy.


For the first time in my life, I feel like I’ve been told I’m cool by a woman.
It may have been flattery, but denying the identical twin would also lead to denying herself, so I assumed that Yumika would not think badly of me.


“Thank you.”


“H-Hey, it doesn’t mean anything, it’s just how I feel.”


Yumika blushed and started to give mysterious excuses.


Gradually, her facial expression was breaking down in front of me, and I’m having more and more moments where I think she’s cute.


“But I’m a little relieved.
If Fujigaya, despite being a twin, had a lot of friends and cute girlfriends, I would have become a little miserable.”


“The same goes for me.
Even if our genders are completely different and we grew up in a completely different environment, we’re still walking the same path.
I guess I should have expected no less from twins.”


“It seems we shouldn’t underestimate the fact that we’re identical twins.
I don’t know much about Sakiya yet, but I already seem to have a lot in common.”


“You called me Sakiya.”




Yumika looked away with a slight blush on her cheeks.


I’m starting to worry that she’ll accidentally call me by my name at school―

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