ra and the embodiment of patience— Demi, are fighting head-to-head. Wrath swung his sword like a beast yet he had no openings while Patience fought with her summon.

”If you won give me an answer, I might as well— ” Michael got cut off when he instinctively dodged a lost arrow from the west. He clears his throat and charges toward Ira.


”You are the cataclysm who reigns during the three nights yet you
e siding with these ungrateful beings… ” a wounded demon soldier whispers under his breath.

”Why should I? ” Pyrros looks at the kneeling demon, ”Tell me. Why should I offer subordinate when I can be king? ”

”You infuriating..! Cough, cough, ” he coughs out blood and his veins turned black. It looked like a jet-black spider web tattooed onto his skin. Below his eyes, cracks appeared.

”Emotions are what turns corruption fatal. Farewell, stranger. ”

Pyrros palm became covered with fire and the demon was engulfed in flames before turning into ash.

”Pyrros! ” yelled in a hurried tone.

He flinched. He rubbed his hands together to get rid of nonexistent ash on his palms then took one last glance at the pile of ashes before going in the direction of the voice, ”Im here! ”

”Were you surprised? ” he curved his mouth into a sly smile, ”I apologize for giving you trouble but isn it amusing that your complexion turned pale when you heard my name? ”

”I believe you are ignoring our peace treaty, demon, ” Helios maintained his stern expression with his calm tone.

”Oh really? ” Abaddon chuckles.

He clenches his jaw as the Devil mocks him. Callista narrows her eyes before looking at the quiet Irene.

”My bad, my bad. Your damned peace treaty is nothing but a fraud with no value. My advisors presented this idea to lend some time for the plan to be fully prepared. ”

He is careful with his words and provoking Helios, what exactly are you scheming? she frowns while contemplating his possible actions.

Helios stood from his seat calmly, not in haste. He sneers, ”What an excuse. ”

Abaddon responded with his glare with a sharper glare. He scoffs shortly then shrugs, ”What a pain to my bottom… I greatly loathe someone who misunderstands my intention. ”

”Then why don you leave if you
e displeased with my face. Leave together with your immoral kind. ”

”Immoral kind… ” his eye twitched. Helios didn recognize the army he nurtured as actual soldiers but identified them as ordinary demons.

He slapped his face indirectly and it stings. His bloodshot eyes stared at him like a predator preying on powerless prey. Abaddon suddenly has a desire and it is to thrust his sword into Helios abdomen and twist it until his guts leak.

Similar to how someone wants to kill the person he loathes the most and in the cruelest way possible to share a message not to cross him.

However, he can wait patiently since he is still alive, there are a lot of chances and methods to do it. Just wait very patiently or the plan is deemed to fail.

Yes, wait patiently… patiently.

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