My Vengeful Goddess

Valhalla\'s Trial

eeds to mention multiple subjects.

”Time is to not be wasted with unnecessary chatters. Raise thy hand, if wish to join the discussion. Observe proper court etiquette during the assembly. ”

Everyone had organized themselves to their former positions. Oliver who is yet to finish his dialogue sneaked a glance at Helios. Feeling someones gaze towards him, he looks at Oliver and then nods.

”Whoever does not comply shall be subjected to a given penalty. This court is now in session. ”


At a location where the scent of blood reeks from every corner and hundreds of cold bodies are scattered everywhere. The cries of those affiliated with the divine races became music to many demonic ears.

This moment that he waited for centuries to occur and this chance that he waited for his hatred to subside. Watching it with his own two eyes, making it happen with his sinful hands, gives him the bliss he yearns for.

”My lord, everything is prepared. ” Invidius moved his neck to a side and heard a crack then moved it to the opposite side to hear another crack.

Abaddon nods his head while locking his gaze on the structure in the distance. His brows twitched, ”Abnormally, I feel tired and bothered. ”

Kassandra appears out of nowhere and said in an earnest tone, ”Are you alright? ”

The Capital Vices looked at Abaddon with a worried gaze as he stares blankly in the same direction. His eyes became hollow and lifeless like the void.

”Abaddon? ” she repeated his name.

He blinked. ”Yes? Ahem. Do not fret, my mind just wandered for a bit. Overall I feel fine. ”

Kassandra stares at him with a doubtful look before letting out a heavy sigh. ”Don scare me like that! ” she smacked his shoulder.

Then her mouth formed a pout. Abaddon chuckles nervously as he scratches his cheek. The other generals sighed.

”Hey, Kassie. Halt your sassiness as a brat, and lastly don be a bad model to your kiddos over there, ” Ira pointed at her army stationed nearby with his thumb.

”Huh?! ” she sneered as a reply.

”Is that an official invite, bitch? ” the personification of wrath curved his mouth into a huge evil grin.

”Improving your ability to provoke me, Ira. ” Kassandras voice became deep.

”Woah, easy now, ” the blonde one got between them, ”Don be such a jerk, Ira. And you, Kassie, maintain your composure. ”

”None of your business, Sufèrvia. ” Both said in a united flat tone.

”Why you! ”

”Enough, ” Invidius silenced them.

He maintained his stern look. It is considered a usual bonding activity for the wholesome two to argue over the most useless topics, so there is nothing out of the ordinary.

”We are here to crush our archnemesis who are floating in the air like a fly. We are not standing on this blursed land to argue with each other over trivial things. ”

”Am I right, my lord? ” Invidius shifted the focus to the once again, distracted Abaddon.

”… ” An awkward silence dropped.

”Lord Deimos! ” he practically yelled.

”Correct, we are here to fulfill my quench for revenge towards Helios. I do not tolerate any unreasonable actions. ”

”Understood..! ” The three hesitantly replied.

Abaddons gaze still focused on Keraunos Palace. He then turned his body in the direction of his men, with numerous quantities spanning thousands.

”My children! I apologize for the long wait, and to not bother any of you further, I declare for our march to resume! Yell for the success of our conquest!! ”

”RRAAAAAAAR!!! ” The tens of thousands of demons responded at the top of their lungs, or gills.

”Dear defendant, on behalf of this trial, your title is to be stripped from your name, ” Eric noticed some sharp glares targeted at him, ”I dare thou to challenge thy authority and shall face an undesirable consequence. ”

Representing as the judge of the court, his authority is below Helios and Callista—the Celestial Deities. Whoever challenges his authority is disrespecting those who are above him.

”Is there any who is stubborn to remain unmoved by my words? ”

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