Chapter 99: Spelled Violet

After leaving Old Master Song’s room, Lu Zijia came to the door of the second room.

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This time, without her saying anything, Song Zhuohai consciously opened the door for her and invited her to enter.

“This is me and my wife’s room.”

Lu Zijia walked inside and nodded, “I can see that.”

“Master Lu?”

Seeing Lu Zijia walk towards the balcony, Song Zhuohai stood out of the balcony and couldn’t help asking.

“God! Our room too?”

Fang Yueqiu, who followed behind, turned a bit paler and she felt her legs turn into jelly, almost falling down.

Luckily, Song Zhuohai was agile enough to hold her.

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Song Zhuohai still didn’t know if Lu Zijia saw something, so he didn’t answer his wife’s question.

They both gazed at Lu Zijia, waiting for her reply anxiously.

Lu Zijia stood on the balcony and stared at a pot of violets for a while.
She waved at the four members of the Song family, asking them to come over.

“Master Lu, did you find something?” Song Zhuohai helped his wife walk over there and asked.

In fact, Song Zhuohai hoped that Lu Zijia didn’t find anything, which would mean that there were no dirty things.

Unfortunately, Lu Zijia didn’t make his wish come true.

She reached her fair finger out and pointed at the pot of violets on the balcony as she said, “The flowers were watered with human blood and a spell was cast on it.

“One month after this pot of violets appeared, you two always have nightmares, right?

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“And the scenes in the dreams are something that you don’t want to happen the most in your mind.”

As Lu Zijia spoke, the expressions of both Song Zhuohai and Fang Yueqiu changed.

It seemed that Lu Zijia was right again.

“I remember this pot of flowers.
Zhuolan gave it to you, right?”

Old Master Song stared at the pot of violets with his old eyes expressionlessly, and his tone sounded like the tranquility before the storm arrived.

Fang Yueqiu opened her mouth for a while before finally speaking, “Y-Yes, Zhuolan gave it to me two months ago.”

The time was just right.
She and her husband had a nightmare for more than a month together.

For the landscape painting before, they could still say that Song Zhuolan might have been used by someone.

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What about the violets right now? Was she still being used?

Such a statement was truly unbelievable!


Fang Yueqiu’s body couldn’t help but tremble as she even gazed at Song Zhuolan with endless hatred.

Why would Song Zhuolan do this? For so many years, she had treated Song Zhuolan as her own sister and had never done anything bad to her.

Why did Song Zhuolan still have to do this?

Zixuan was her son, the descendant of the Song family, and also the nephew of Song Zhuolan!

She pitied her son for suffering so much for no reason for so many years.
How would she, as a mother, have the dignity to face her son in the future?

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“Xiao Qiu…”

Song Zhuohai also understood that Song Zhuolan was the most suspicious right now, but she was still his sister after all.

No matter what, he could never do anything to his sister before he completely figured out everything.

Fang Yueqiu also knew Song Zhuohai’s concern.
She could understand that, but she couldn’t really accept it.

After all, the evidence was presented in front of her just like this.
How could she believe that Song Zhuolan was innocent?

Song Zhuohai looked at his hand that was pushed away by his wife.
His heart shook fiercely, and he opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something.

However, Fang Yueqiu didn’t seem to want to listen to him again.
She turned around quietly, turning her back to him.

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