Chapter 103: In That Regard, Strong on the Outside and Weak on the Inside?

Song Zixuan was devastated.
His body immediately froze right where he was like a statue.

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That look was like his life was totally hopeless, and it couldn’t help but make people wonder if he would lose his mind and do something foolish the next second.

Seeing her son’s slightly hilarious face, Fang Yueqiu wanted to laugh but was also concerned.

“Well, Master, my son isn’t really in good health.
Can you help him…”

Fang Yueqiu concerned her son more after all, so she made this request to Lu Zijia.

Lu Zijia glanced over Song Zixuan once and showed a look of sudden realization, “It turns out Master Song is strong on the outside and weak on the inside!

“Then, you must pay more attention from now on.

“After all, you’re still so young, Master Song.
When the fact that you’re strong on the outside and weak on the inside spreads, your dignity isn’t a big deal, but if nobody’s willing to marry you, it’ll be a huge problem.”

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Lu Zijia said like it was true, “But don’t worry.
Even though I’ve never treated an illness like being strong on the outside and weak on the inside, I can still give it a try.

“Don’t worry, I have my own principles in doing business.
If I can’t cure you, I’ll definitely not charge you.”

Song Zixuan, “!!!”

Argh!!! He really wanted to strangle this woman with a harmless face but who had a devil inside of her!!!

“Son, calm down.
You must calm down.
Master is just joking with you!”

Seeing her son’s face turn red and green, Fang Yueqiu felt something was wrong and she immediately went over to grab her son.

Fang Yueqiu grabbed her son who almost couldn’t control himself as she smiled embarrassedly at Lu Zijia.

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As a mother, Fang Yueqiu should help her son explain when someone doubted that he was weak in that regard.

However, if she said that her son was very strong in that regard and had no problems at all, what if the master refused to deal with the dark energy in her son?

Her son had already suffered a lot.
She didn’t want to see him suffer again, even if it was just a few minor illnesses.

So, she could only compromise her son temporarily.

If there were any rumors out there in the future, she would just help her son find a wife.

With her son’s qualities, she would be able to find one for him.

Thinking of this, Fang Yueqiu grabbed her son with one hand and covered his mouth with another to prevent him from saying that his health was good.

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Song Zixuan, whose mouth was covered by his mother, “!!!”

Who could tell him what exactly was happening?

They were still talking about serious business at the last second.
Why did Lu Zijia suddenly say that he was strong on the outside and weak on the inside the next second?

Most importantly, who was strong on the outside and weak on the inside?

He was really good in that regard, alright? Strong on the outside and weak on the inside? This was slander, slander, okay?

Also, why was his mother covering his mouth? Did she really think that he was strong on the outside and weak on the inside?

At this moment, Song Zixuan had a feeling of devastation.

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And yet, this wasn’t what made him most devastated.
What made him most devastated was the next scene.

“Ahem, Master, since my son didn’t grow up by our side when he was small, his health hasn’t been really good.

“So, please help us deal with the dark energy in my son’s body, Master.
The Song family will be grateful for that,” Song Zhuohai was begging Lu Zijia seriously on the outside, but he was worrying about his son in his mind.

Like his wife, he was more concerned about his son’s health, instead of the rumors about his son being strong on the outside and weak on the inside.

As parents, they had already owed their son too much and they really couldn’t bear to see him suffer again.

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