Chapter 104: A Witch in Sheep’s Clothing

“Right, right, Master, please help my grandson,” Old Master Song said as he also got involved.

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Song Zixuan, who was hit by his three family members all at once, “Do you dare to let me go and give me a chance to prove it?

“Also, don’t think that I didn’t see the smile at the corners of your mouth.
Do you dare to smile openly?”

Lu Zijia glanced at Song Zixuan whose mouth was covered, then looked at the three seniors of the Song family who were nodding to her, and finally said, “Alright, when I get back, I’ll draw an Exorcizing Talisman for him and the problem will be solved.

“However, an Exorcizing Talisman can only remove dark energy.
It can’t cure the problem of being strong on the outside and weak on the inside.

“If you’re really bad in that regard, remember to come to support my business.
Since you’re my regular customer, I’ll give you a discount,” Lu Zijia said with a smile with her eyes curved as if she didn’t notice the smile on the faces of the three seniors of the Song Zixuan and Song Zixuan’s eyes that were almost spouting out fire.

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Noticing that his son was struggling, Song Zhuohai was worried that his wife couldn’t stand it, so he quickly went forward to help hold his son still.

He immediately thanked Lu Zijia constantly, “Sure, sure, we thank you for taking care of us, Master Lu.”

Lu Zijia smiled even more beamingly, “No worries, no worries.”

Song Zixuan, who was held still by his own father, “No worries, no worries? You witch in sheep’s clothing!”

At this moment, Song Zixuan couldn’t help but regret it.
Why did he hire this witch?

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Ever since he met this witch in sheep’s clothing, he had become unlucky, just like verifying what the witch called him before, unlucky man!

After this incident, the members of the Song family, who used to be extremely gloomy at first, suddenly felt much more relaxed.

At least their emotions calmed down a lot and they thought of many things at the same time.

However, before they figured out where those things really came from, they wouldn’t conclude anything because of this.

After the five of them left Song Zhuohai’s study, they returned to the living room on the first floor again.

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While they were going downstairs, Song Zhuohai made a phone call on the side.
It seemed that he was asking his people to do something.

“What a blessing that God let the Song family meet you, Master Lu.
Without you, the Song family probably…”

After pouring a cup of tea for Lu Zijia, Fang Yueqiu couldn’t help but think about those things that they found just then and talk while feeling a bit frightened in her mind.

This was the innermost thought in Fang Yueqiu’s heart and also the innermost thought in the hearts of the members of the Song family.
The Song family was extremely grateful for Lu Zijia.

Lu Zijia picked up the teacup and was about to drink the tea.
Hearing what Fang Yueqiu said, she smiled and shook her head, “I only helped you prevent bad luck from happening.
The one who truly saved the lives of the members of the Song family wasn’t me.”

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Hearing what Lu Zijia said, the members of the Song family were startled.

“What do you mean?” Song Zixuan, who had already recovered from hopelessness, couldn’t help asking first.

Lu Zijia put down the teacup in her hands and slowly got up, walking towards the table where the mini mountain was put.

Seeing that Lu Zijia didn’t reply but walked to the mountain enshrined there, an answer faintly came to their minds.

“This Mountain Spirit Mountain was passed down by the ancestor of the Song family.
It has already been passed down for six generations.”

Old Master Song came over with Song Zhuohai’s help and explained to Lu Zijia, “According to my grandpa, the ancestor of the Song family was a general.

“Since he was betrayed by a traitor, he was severely injured and he ran into the mountains.
He thought he would die in the mountains, but he miraculously survived.”

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