However, there could be one exception – when the master of Ancient Space was going through the tribulation for a higher position, the Heavenly Dao would definitely sense the treasure if Ancient Space or the magical being appeared.

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When the Heavenly Dao sensed a treasure that should not be kept, the thunder would definitely be cast to stop it.

So when that moment came, anyone who was near the tribulation of thunder would be very unfortunate – because what the Heavenly Dao wanted was to destroy any treasure that could not be kept, rather than tell the innocent from the guilty.

And Lu Zijia, who had a soul contract with Ancient Space, would not escape the hands of the Heavenly Dao.

“Therefore, you appeared when I was going through the Golden Core tribulation?” Lu Zijia said with teeth clenched, looking totally expressionless.
That made the golden pagoda shiver involuntarily.

No wonder the tribulation of thunder increased when she was going through the last stage of the tribulation.
This made it so that she was unable to resist the tribulation and failed the test.

“I am sorry, master, I did not do that on purpose! I did not get the message ahead of time!”

“When I did get the information, I intended to tell you about that, but at that moment, you happened to be in the middle of a tribulation!”

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Every now and then, the golden pagoda would get some information.
But it did take a while before it was able to get the information, like a few days or several months.

Although it got the information and understood what was going on with its master, the anxious golden pagoda got too excited and worried to sense the situation before coming out of the space.

And what happened later was exactly like what the pagoda had said – the origin of space kept Lu Zijia’s soul, so she was born in the body of the girl who had the same name as she did.

Feeling the golden pagoda’s utterly down emotion, Lu Zijia could not help but grip the top of the pagoda and shake it.

The pagoda had spent more than twenty years with Lu Zijia, and she understood clearly that it could not have done that on purpose.
But she was still filled with mixed emotions, so she decided to keep the pagoda underground for a couple of days.

“Anyway, stop being sad! I am doing fine.
Just take it as a way for you to amend the fault to me!

“But if it ever happens again, you better be prepared to be gone in the smoke with me…”

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If the pagoda made one more mistake, she would lose her soul completely, and the Ancient Space with which she signed a soul contract with would also be destroyed of its own accord.


Hearing the words, the golden pagoda rubbed itself against her hand and said with a flattering voice, “Don’t worry, master, there won’t be a next time!”

It would definitely not make the same mistake next time – it almost killed its master completely!

Lu Zijia opened her mouth and was about to say something, when she sensed something or someone moving towards her outside the space.

“Pagoda, do you still have anything left with you?”

It was her deity-sense that came to the space, so the body in the bathtub did not change at all.

Namely, the drug put into her body still remained.

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The golden pagoda shook its skinny body.
It was going to be a huge loss for the pagoda,but its master had asked for help, and it should not hold what it had.

What was more, it had just made a mistake that had caused its master to be in her current predicament!


Two ping-pong sized green fruits fell out of one of the windows of the golden pagoda, rolling to Lu Zijia’s side.

Lu Zijia had just thought about asking the pagoda without holding much hope.

After all, the space had become what it had been like at the very first stage, and even the pagoda seemed to have been starved for thousands of years.
It was very likely that the pagoda had nothing remaining.

However, the pagoda unexpectedly did have something left with it! That made her totally surprised.

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But before she had time to ask anything more, she took the fruits and left the space.

Before she left, she told the pagoda to stay and that she would come and see it when she got a better understanding of the new world outside.

The pagoda agreed, despite its unwillingness of letting her go.

The moment Lu Zijia’s deity-sense returned to her body, she felt that her heated body was at the verge of exploding.
She had indeed come back.

The drug inside her body turned out to be even frenzied and powerful than she had imagined.

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