Chapter 121: A Seven-Million Pauper Couldn’t be Harmed

Song, ask your people to look to the south! He’s injured.
He can’t run fast.”

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Master Li would take at least two to three months to recover from the attack she made before.

If he couldn’t rest well in those two to three months, it would only get more serious and the power of his magic would drop in the end.

Song Zhuohai was first startled and then showed ecstasy, “Sure, sure.
Thank you, Master Lu.
Thank you, Master Lu.”

The calmness Song Zhuohai had as the person in charge of the Song Group was completely useless in front of Lu Zijia.

The members of the Song family didn’t ask Lu Zijia anything about how she knew which direction Master Li ran and even that he was injured.

And yet, even though the members of the Song family didn’t ask, they all knew that it was Lu Zijia’s ability.

The members of the Song family thanked Lu Zijia thousands of times and even invited her to stay for lunch enthusiastically, but Lu Zijia rejected them.

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The members of the Song family couldn’t help but feel disappointed, but they didn’t force her to stay.

They originally wanted to walk Lu Zijia out together.
However, Song Zixuan stopped them and requested to send Lu Zijia off by himself.

“Thank you,” Song Zixuan glanced at Lu Zijia, who was walking next to him, and thanked her a bit awkwardly.

In fact, he was extremely grateful to Lu Zijia in his mind.
He just didn’t know how to express his gratitude.

So, only the two words “thank you” were left in the end.

“No worries.
I’m not helping you for free anymore.
You even paid me two million more.
Thanks,” Lu Zijia waved the seven-million check in her hand in front of him and said with a beaming smile.

Song Zixuan, who was originally grateful, “…”

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This woman truly destroyed the atmosphere!

“Right, if you have other things you can’t solve in the future, remember to come to find me.
I’ll give you 0.01% off, as you’re a regular customer,” Lu Zijia didn’t seem to notice Song Zixuan’s stiff expression and still spoke happily.

Song Zixuan, “!!!”

He didn’t want to experience such an incident ever again in his entire life, alright? Besides, 0.01% off? Was it different from having no discount?

“Where are you going? I’ll give you a lift.”

Although Song Zixuan felt like he suffered a huge blow when he was with Lu Zijia, he couldn’t help but want to get closer to her as well.

Song Zixuan couldn’t help but wonder whether he was deliberately seeking abuse?

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“No, I’ll take the cab,” Lu Zijia rejected without thinking.

She already had more than seven million in her hands right now.
It was time for her to look for cultivation resources.
Besides, re-developing an Ancient Space required a huge amount of spiritual energy as well.

Lu Zijia immediately felt like the seven million in her hands didn’t seem to be a lot either…

Ah, a pauper couldn’t be harmed!

Luckily, Lu Zijia didn’t say what she was thinking in her mind, or Song Zixuan would definitely spurt out blood out of anger after hearing that.

She earned seven million in just half a day, and she said she was a pauper?

She was completely arousing hatred on purpose!

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After getting on the cab, Lu Zijia directly asked the driver to take her to the biggest Gambling Stone Market in the capital.

She had already come to a brief understanding.
The jade stones in this world were equivalent to the spirit stone in her previous life.

Of course, not every piece of jade stones in this world had spiritual energy.

Even if they did, they weren’t comparable to the spirit stones in her previous life.

However, it was already difficult to find something with spiritual energy in this world that lacked spiritual energy.

“Miss, usually nine out of ten bets lose in stone gambling.
Many people go bankrupt because of gambling.
If you aren’t capable enough, you better not go inside.”

When Lu Zijia got out of the cab, the female driver couldn’t help but stick her head out and give Lu Zijia a piece of advice.

After that, she left without waiting for Lu Zijia to reply.

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