Chapter 124: Ask Uncle to Come and Beat Your Ass

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“I don’t care.
If you dare to go stone gambling, I’ll tell Uncle to bully me!

“Uncle asked you to take care of me.
If you bully me, I’ll ask Uncle to come and beat your ass!”

Mu Ruishu apparently had no other choice but to use his most impressive uncle, hoping that he would scare Lu Zijia.

Lu Zijia, “….”

Beat her ass? This little boy really dared to think about it!

While Lu Zijia was about to knock the little boy’s head and teach him a lesson, a sweet voice came on the side.

“Xiao Rui, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.
I thought you weren’t coming.
Did you get lost?”

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A little girl with two ponytails on her head and wearing a pink princess dress was running towards Lu Zijia with a beaming smile on her little face..

Seeing the little girl running over, Mu Ruishu finally looked a bit better.


Mu Ruishu called the little girl and immediately took the opportunity to hold Lu Zijia’s slender hand.

“This is my auntie.
You can also call her auntie like I do.

“My auntie is worried that I’ll be kidnapped by creepy men, so she’s coming with me.
Let’s go.
We’ll go to your home.”

The little girl, Tang Yuan, raised her head and looked at Lu Zijia, then said with a sweet voice, “Hello, auntie.”

She introduced herself right away, “I’m Xiao Rui’s classmate.
My name is Tang Yuan.
Auntie, you can call me Yuanyuan.”

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She immediately walked in the front to lead the way and even welcomed them passionately for coming.

“Hey, kid, when did I say that I’m going with you?” Lu Zijia stood right there and didn’t move at all.
She raised another hand, bent her index finger, and flicked Mu Ruishu’s forehead gently.

This little boy already knew how to talk nonsense at such a young age.
Wouldn’t he become an old cunning fox when he grew up?

Besides, this little boy even applied what he learned and used what she said just then.
He was truly a smart kid.

When he grew up, he would definitely be an old cunning fox.

Mu Ruishu exerted himself but still couldn’t drag Lu Zijia forward.
He could only look up and reply in frustration.

“You promised Uncle to take care of me.
I need you to take care of me right now and go with me to Yuanyuan’s home.”

Lu Zijia rolled her eyes speechlessly in her mind.
She still had to buy cultivation resources to improve her strength and the Ancient Space.
How would she have time to play with him?

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“Xiao Rui, auntie, come here quickly.
This is my home.”

Tang Yuan, who was leading the way in the front, found that nobody was keeping up with her, so she stopped and yelled at Lu Zijia and Mu Ruishu.

She spoke as she pointed at a store nearby.

Lu Zijia couldn’t help but feel a bit surprised when she saw the store Tang Yuan was pointing at.

The place with the most abundant spiritual energy she sensed with her deity-sense just then was the store that Tang Yuan was pointing at.

It seemed that fate brought her and the little boy together today.

“Kid, let’s go.”

Since they had the same target, it was fine for them to go together.

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Lu Zijia changed too quickly, which shocked Mu Ruishu.
When he collected himself, he found that Lu Zijia was holding his hand.

Looking at the big hand that was holding his little hand, the two corners of Mu Ruishu’s mouth couldn’t help but curl up.

It was warm and very comfortable, just like… the warmth of a mother.
How nice…

The store of Tang Yuan’s family was called “Tang Family Treasure.”

“Tang Family Treasure” wasn’t at the best location on Gambling Stone Street, but it wasn’t too far-off either.

However, a store at a not too good but also not bad location had no customers at all at this moment.

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