Chapter 128: Introducing Herself as a Swindler???

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If it weren’t that he hadn’t been able to sleep well every night these few days and that his physical and mental exhaustion were so obvious, he would also doubt if he was truly fine.

After hearing the results of the checkup, which said that her husband was fine, Luo Ziyun frowned tight.

“How is that possible? We’ve been under the weather these few days and we couldn’t rest well.

“Besides, we don’t look like we’re fine.”

It turned out the two of them had the same symptoms.
Since someone had to take care of the store, they went there separately.

Luo Ziyun also went to the hospital for a checkup twice, but the results she got also indicated that she was alright.

Luo Ziyun and Tang Mufeng couldn’t help but doubt if there was something wrong with the reports from the hospital.

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And yet, they had to believe it after getting the same results twice consecutively.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, guys.”

When the two of them were about to finish their conversation, Lu Zijia pointed at the emeralds on the small shelf with her finger and asked, “I wonder how much these emeralds are?”

After knowing that there were warriors in this world, Lu Zijia had been thinking of improving her strength as soon as possible.

She finally had money in her hands right now, so she certainly wanted to buy more cultivation resources.
She just wasn’t sure how many pieces of emerald she could get with seven million.

Hm… Perhaps she could make an impromptu deal and take the emeralds as her remuneration?

Hm, this was a pretty good idea.

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“I’m sorry, miss.
The emeralds on this small shelf are not for sale.
You should go check out another place,” Tang Mufeng suggested apologetically.

He was certainly happy that there was finally business after a few days, but he wasn’t willing to hurt people because of that.

So, he could only endure the pain and send his customer away.

“Not for sale? Why?”

Lu Zijia pretended to be confused and asked.

“Well… Miss, you should have a lot somewhere else.
The emeralds on this shelf are really not for sale.”

Tang Mufeng didn’t speak really loud to Lu Zijia, so the passersby watching the fun outside the door didn’t hear what he said.

If they heard him, they would certainly be willing to answer Lu Zijia’s question for Tang Mufeng.

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Lu Zijia smiled with a profound meaning as she quickly raised her hand and grabbed a piece of emerald on the small shelf, even playing with it.

Tang Mufeng and his wife didn’t expect this, so they couldn’t stop her in time.

Seeing that she even fiddled with the emerald, the expressions of the couple couldn’t help changing drastically.

Lu Zijia saw their reactions with her eyes and she directly said the things that they didn’t know how to say.

“These emeralds have some problems, right? You don’t want to sell them to me because you’re afraid that something will happen to me inexplicably like the last owner of these emeralds?”

As soon as Lu Zijia said this, Tang Mufeng and his wife instantly widened their eyes and looked at her, gazing at her in shock.

“How did you know?” Luo Ziyun blurted out.

However, she immediately thought about what those people outside said just then.
It wasn’t really strange that Lu Zijia could guess it.

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Thinking of this, Luo Ziyun wasn’t surprised at all.

Seeing Luo Ziyun’s shockquickly disappear, Lu Zijia smiled nicely and rubbed the little head of the boy standing next to her.

“I forgot to introduce myself.
Apart from this little boy’s auntie, I’m also a swindler.


“Oh, no, my bad, my bad.
It should be a Taoist Master.”

Lu Zijia, who blurted out a wrong word, corrected herself without changing her expression.

Tang Mufeng, “…”

Luo Ziyun, “…”

The confused Mu Ruishu looked up and asked, “Bad woman, when did you become a Taoist Master? Why didn’t I know about it?”

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