Chapter 129: Master Lu Who Loves Bullying the Little Boy

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Mu Ruishu was in poor health when he was little.
Most of the time when even the doctors couldn’t find out the reason, Mu Tianyan found quite a lot of Taoist Masters for Mu Ruishu.

So, he knew what Taoist Masters did.

Lu Zijia put her hand on his little head and rubbed a few times fiercely, making his hair like a chicken’s nest.

“Kid, why do you want to know so much? Also, you should call me sister or auntie, you impolite kid.”

Mu Ruishu, whose hairstyle was ruined countless times, slapped down the hand that was rubbing his little head furiously.

“I’m not a kid.
I’m already an adult!”

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Lu Zijia sized him up from top to bottom, “An adult? A miniature version of an adult?”

Mu Ruishu, who thought his short arms and legs were being despised, “!!!”


This bad woman always bullied him.
She was indeed very bad!

“Are… Are you really a Taoist Master?” Tang Mufeng asked a bit hesitantly.

There had been so many strange incidents at home lately.
When Tang Mufeng was on his way back from the hospital, he was thinking if he should find a Taoist Master to have a look at their home.

He had never thought that he would encounter a Taoist Master when he got home.

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However, Lu Zijia’s youthful and gorgeous appearance like a university student made Tang Mufeng a bit indecisive.

Even though he hadn’t met any Taoist Masters before, he had heard about them.
Capable Taoist Masters were normally quite old.

Young people couldn’t be trusted with important tasks.
There must be some truth in this saying.

Lu Zijia didn’t talk nonsense.
Her slim hand waved in front of the eyes of Tang Mufeng and Luo Ziyun, opening the Third Eye for them.

Tang Mufeng and Luo Ziyun only felt the scene in front of them change drastically.

The originally bright store became dark at this moment.
There were even clouds of black smoke surging.

They looked like a creature with the ability to think, which made Tang Mufeng and his wife stunned.

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Lu Zijia saw that they had seen enough, so she waved her hand again.
The store in front of Tang Mufeng and his wife immediately restored the original brightness.

After witnessing the astonishing scene just then with their own eyes, Tang Mufeng and his wife didn’t doubt Lu Zijia’s identity as a Taoist Master anymore.

The couple looked at each other and Tang Mufeng said to Lu Zijia first, “I’m sorry, master.
We didn’t know you were a master just now.
Sorry for being rude.”

After apologizing, Tang Mufeng continued, “Master, based on what you said just then, have you already seen anything?

“Master, I wonder if you can solve the problem for us? Don’t worry, we’ll definitely offer you remuneration.”

Tang Mufeng dared not to say they could give her any amount of remuneration.

Their family had already lost a lot of money because of what happened lately and the products in the store couldn’t be sold either.
They didn’t have much money left right now.

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Lu Zijia glanced at the little boy, who was standing next to her in frustration and was still angry, and said, “Since fate brought us together, I won’t ask for much remuneration.

“I’ll take this piece of emerald as my remuneration.
What do you think?”

Lu Zijia said as she pointed at a crystal clear, green emerald that was the size of a palm on the small shelf.

Tang Mufeng looked in the direction where Lu Zijia was pointing at.
When he saw that the emerald she was pointing at was just the size of a palm and it hadn’t been polished yet, he was immediately relieved.

That piece of emerald was of a pretty good quality, but its price was within a million, so they could still afford it.

“Sure! Master, if you can solve our family’s problem, we’ll definitely give you this piece of emerald as a gift,” Luo Ziyun immediately said excitedly.

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