Chapter 131: It Would Work If They Believed

Lu Zijia’s slightly hilarious sales behavior might make her seem like a swindler, but Tang Mufeng and his wife still bought the four Blessing Talismans.

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After all, the scene they saw with their own eyes just now wasn’t something a swindler could create.

They immediately paid Lu Zijia.
After getting the four Blessing Talismans, Luo Ziyun couldn’t help but ask again.

“Master, will it be fine after we get the Blessing Talismans? Do you think that evil spirit will leave our house and never return in the future?”

“Of course not,” Lu Zijia refuted without hesitation, “The grievances that evil spirit left in your house are extremely strong.
Apparently, he has already settled at your home.
How would he leave so easily?

“The Blessing Talismans are only for protecting you when you’re harmed.

“And yet, with my current power, the Blessing Talismans I drew can only keep you save a couple times at most.

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“But don’t worry, I will try my best to come before you are harmed.

“So, you actually don’t need to worry too much.”

Tang Mufeng and his wife, “…”

Why did they feel even more worried instead? However, they finally understood what Lu Zijia meant.

She should be saying that the evil spirit wasn’t at their home right now and she could only deal with that evil spirit when he came back.

The Blessing Talismans were only to protect them from harm temporarily when the evil spirit came back.
During this period of time, they must notify Lu Zijia to come and deal with him as soon as possible.

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“So, master, how do we know if the evil spirit has returned or not?” Tang Mufeng asked.

He and his wife were just ordinary people.
They couldn’t see ghosts at all.
If that ghost had truly returned, they wouldn’t know either!

Lu Zijia pondered as she gazed at a jade pendant that didn’t have much spiritual power on the small shelf.

“I don’t have any talisman paper with me anymore.
Can I use this jade pendant? It’ll be damaged after it’s used.”

Many masters nowadays mostly wouldn’t ask the family such a question.
Basically, they would directly use it and the family wouldn’t dare to say anything about it.

However, Lu Zijia asked them and also explained to them that the jade pendant would be sacrificed after being used.

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Tang Mufeng and his wife nodded and agreed first before looking at the jade pendant Lu Zijia was pointing at.

Their family had already suffered great losses lately.
If it continued to be like this, they would definitely go bankrupt.

So, they were most happy to solve the problem with the least amount of money right now.

After getting their permission, Lu Zijia picked up the jade pendant the size of a quarter of a palm and cast a spell inside, then gave it to Tang Mufeng right away.

“When that guy comes back, this jade pendant will break.
If he attacks you, the Blessing Talismans I sold you will be able to buy you some time.

“By then, just give me a call.
I’ll come over as quickly as possible.”

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Tang Mufeng took the jade pendant Lu Zijia gave him with a little doubt in his eyes.

He only saw Lu Zijia pick up the jade pendant and give it to him just then.
She didn’t do anything else during that time.
Was this jade pendant really reliable?

Why did he feel like it was just child’s play?

It wasn’t that Lu Zijia didn’t see the vague doubt of Tang Mufeng and his wife.
She just didn’t explain too much.

It would work if they believed.
If they didn’t trust her in their minds, it was useless for her to say more.

After explaining everything, Lu Zijia bought all the remaining eleven pieces of emeralds of different sizes on the shelf at a price of seven million yuan.

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