1493 Strange Poison Spirit Dispersion Gu (1)

Lu Zijia wasn’t surprised by his straightforwardness and replied, “Since I’m here to look for you, Your Highness, naturally I want to cooperate with you.”

Duanmu Heng’s eyes flickered slightly and he said calmly, “Seniors, I’m afraid you’ve found the wrong person.
Even though I’m the Fourth Prince, everyone who knows the inside story knows that I’m just a prisoner right now.”

He, who had almost nothing now, had to be extremely cautious with every step, because if he took another wrong step, he might lose his life.

Whether it was for his mother or the Liang family, he had to protect his life.

“I know.”

Lu Zijia pointed at the seat opposite her, indicating that he could sit down and talk.
“It’s said that the Fourth Prince is the only genius with a single spirit root in the past hundred years.
According to your aptitude, Your Highness’s current cultivation level shouldn’t only be at the sixth level of Qi practicing.”

Duanmu Heng felt that the two of them did not have ill intentions towards him and his tense nerves relaxed a bit, but he didn’t go over and sit down.

“Senior, you must be joking.
I’m not the true hundred-year-old genius of Delin Country.”

Thinking of that unique and extraordinary woman, a hint of bitterness flashed through Duanmu Heng’s eyes.

How many years had it been? That shocking figure was still deeply imprinted in his mind.
He could still remember that person’s every frown and smile extremely clearly.

He didn’t know when that shocking figure started to stay in his mind, making him unable to forget it even if he wanted to.

Lu Zijia loosened her grip disapprovingly.
“It’s fine.
Anyway, the main point I want to talk about isn’t that I want you to admit that you’re the hundred-year-old genius of the Lin Country.”

Mu Tianyan: “…” His wife was still so straightforward.

Duanmu Heng: “…” So, what was this senior’s main point?

“If I’m not wrong, the Fourth Prince should have been inflicted with a strange poison, and this strange poison will devour the spiritual energy in your body.
That’s why the Fourth Prince’s cultivation level decreased.
No matter how hard you cultivate, you can’t match the speed at which the poison is devouring your energy.”

After a pause, Lu Zijia looked at Duanmu Heng and asked, “Your Highness, am I right?”

Duanmu Heng didn’t show it on his face, but he was extremely shocked.
He almost blurted out asking how Lu Zijia knew.

After calming down from the shock in his mind, Duanmu Heng didn’t answer the question.
Instead, he asked, “Senior, have you seen a situation similar to mine?”


Lu Zijia shook her head very honestly.

Duanmu Heng’s hope that rose slightly in his heart immediately sank.

However, the next moment, Lu Zijia gave him hope again.

“But I have a way to force out the strange poison in your body for you.
As for the specific method, I’ll only be sure after I run some checks on you,” Lu Zijia said.

Duanmu Heng clenched his fists unconsciously and even his voice became dry.
“Senior, do you… really have a way to help me?”

If it was true, he was willing to exchange his life for a short period of time.

“If I wasn’t confident, I wouldn’t have come to work with you,” Lu Zijia said.

In fact, before meeting Duanmu Heng, she had no idea that Duanmu Heng was poisoned.

Fortunately, she was a Mystic Rank alchemist in her previous life and happened to know about this strange poison.
Otherwise, she would be in an awkward position.

“Then how do you want to cooperate, Seniors?” Duanmu Heng asked anxiously.

Lu Zijia smiled and said, “It’s very simple.
As long as you’re still alive, you’ll protect the Liang family.”


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