Chapter 143: Returning to the Lu Family (1)

Out of Uncle He’s expectations, Lu Zijia wasn’t as worried as he imagined after watching the video but smiled instead.

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Uncle He found it weird in his mind, but he didn’t ask anything.

“Thank you, Uncle He, but it’s fine.
I’ll bring my mother home safely myself.”

Lu Zijia wasn’t worried about Du Xiangjun’s safety because she saw the string of Buddha beads she gave Du Xiangjun yesterday on her wrist in the video.

Even if the Lu family laid a hand on Du Xiangjun, they would never dare to take her life at this time.

So, the Lu family would only do some small movements.
With that string of Buddha beads, Du Xiangjun wouldn’t be harmed by those small movements, which was why she didn’t have to be worried.


Uncle He was a bit worried and wanted to stop her subconsciously.

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However, before he said anything, Lu Zijia interrupted him, “Don’t worry, Uncle He.
The Lu family won’t really do anything to me and my mother.
After all, it’s not for the monk’s sake but for the Buddha’s sake.”

Lu Zijia was apparently referring to her name as the Second Madame of the Mu family right now.

No matter how Mu Tianyan treated her, the Lu family would always be careful with the Mu family as long as she had the name of the Second Madame of the Mu family.
So, they wouldn’t dare to do anything cruel to her and her mother easily.

Hearing that, Uncle He didn’t say anything else.

“I drove here.
Let me give you a lift,” Song Zixuan suddenly ran after her and said.

Lu Zijia glanced at him and directly agreed without hesitation, “Sure, thank you.”

Seeing both of them walk out of the villa together, Uncle He frowned slightly.
He was thinking if he should tell his Second Master about it and ask him to come back as soon as possible, as Madame might be kidnapped.

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In the car.

“Where are we going?” Song Zixuan asked Lu Zijia as they got in the car.

“The Lu family,” Lu Zijia blurted out without thinking.

Song Zixuan was confused, “Aren’t you going to find your mother? Why are you going to the Lu family?”

Something suddenly came to Song Zixuan’s mind and he said in shock, “Is your mother already in the Lu family right now?”

What happened in the video they watched just then only happened an hour ago.

The Lu family wouldn’t be dumb enough to lay a hand on Du Xiangjun so quickly during this critical time, would they?

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Lu Zijia smiled confidently and replied in absolute certainty, “That’s right, so drive quickly!”

Lu Zijia closed her eyes for a rest.

In fact, she was trying to restore the spiritual power in her body quickly.
After all, she had just drawn ten talismans at once and had consumed too much spiritual power.

Song Zixuan didn’t ask anything else after seeing her like this.
He directly started the car and dashed to the Lu family.

An hour later.

Outside the big iron gate of the villa area.

“Young Lady Lu?”

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As soon as the car stopped at the entrance of the villa area, a surprised voice came into Lu Zijia’s ears.

Lu Zijia looked over after hearing the voice and she saw a slightly familiar security guard running towards her.

“Young Lady Lu, I can’t believe it’s really you.
I thought I wouldn’t be able to see you again.

“Thank you for your reminder last time, Young Lady.
Otherwise, the child me and my wife prayed for would have been gone.

“Oh right, Young Lady, please wait for a second.
I’ll be right back,” the security guard said happily.
After that, he ran back to the security stand at the highest speed and came back again after a while with six red eggs in his hands.

“I don’t know how I can thank you, Young Lady.
These are the red eggs we made ourselves.
Please try them.”

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