Chapter 146: So Pleasing to Embarrass a Bastard! (1)

Lu Zijia watched on the side quietly for a while.
Seeing that he could handle it easily, she left him without any pressure and went into her family’s villa.

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Song Zixuan, who happened to see Lu Zijia disappear, was so enraged that he almost crushed his white teeth.

Since he couldn’t settle the score with the culprit, Lu Zijia, he put the blame on the two bodyguards and started attacking more fiercely.

The members of the Lu family sitting inside the villa certainly heard the noises outside.
They even heard that one of the bodyguards yelled “Young Lady.”

The other members of the Lu family here all sneered, except for Du Xiangjun.

There was apparently a trace of ridicule in Lu Bochuan’s eyes when he looked at Du Xiangjun.

As if he was mocking her, “How dare she fight against the Lu family? She’s totally arrogant and ignorant.”

Du Xiangjun didn’t care about those gazes from the Lu family.
Instead, she was worried about her daughter in her mind.

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“Sit down!”

Du Xiangjun finally couldn’t help it.
She suddenly got up and tried to run outside.
Unfortunately, a bodyguard stood in her way.

“Lu Bochuan, don’t go too far!”

Du Xiangjun stared at Lu Bochuan furiously, looking like she couldn’t wait to drink his blood and eat his flesh.

She wasn’t afraid when the Lu family caught her because she was certain that the members of the Lu family wouldn’t dare to really do anything to her.

Especially after she made such a fuss, if the Lu family did something at this moment, they would undoubtedly be confirming everything she had said before.

And yet, even though she was sure that the Lu family wouldn’t really do anything to her and her daughter, she still couldn’t help but worry when her daughter was dragged into this.

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“Hm, go too far? If you don’t take back what you said before, I can go even further.

“You can try if you don’t believe me!”

Everyone here right now was from their family, so Lu Bochuan didn’t hold back at all when saying something ruthless.


Seeing Lu Bochuan’s disgusting face, Du Xiangjun couldn’t wait to go forward and tear him apart.

However, before she took action, an extremely familiar voice that couldn’t be more familiar came into her ears.

“Sure, I want to see what the Lu family can do to me and my mother.

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“I really want to see if the laws are more powerful, or if the Lu family is so powerful that you can ignore the laws.”

Lu Zijia put a gentle smile on her pure and gorgeous face as she came in slowly and very relaxedly.

People who had no idea what was going on would think she was strolling!

“Sweetheart, are you okay?”

Seeing her daughter, Du Xiangjun immediately rushed over and sized her up anxiously, checking if she was injured.

Du Xiangjun’s unconcealed concern made the smile on Lu Zijia’s face a bit more sincere.

“Mom, I’m fine.
Don’t worry.”

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While Lu Zijia was speaking, she glanced at the Buddha beads Du Xiangjun was wearing on her hand without a trace.

Noticing that there were traces of use on the string of Buddha beads, Lu Zijia narrowed her eyes slightly as a glint of sharp light flashed through.

She originally wanted to torture the members of the Lu family slowly and earn more interest, but now, it seemed that she must make a ruthless move first.

Otherwise, they would really think that she and her mother were pushovers.

“You unfortunate, how dare you come back here?”

Seeing Lu Zijia, Lu Bochuan immediately flew into rage, and he started shouting as he pointed at Lu Zijia with his finger.

Ever since Lu Zijia won Master Dedao’s precious Buddha beads in Lingde Street last time, he had been angry with the Lu family, and he even said that he would never accept reservations from the Lu family ever again.

He even refused to see Lu Bochuan when Lu Bochuan went to apologize to him in person.

So, after hearing Lu Wanyuan’s narration, which evaded the crucial parts, Lu Bochuan hated Lu Zijia.

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