Lu Zijia looked at the sky outside the window, realizing that it was about five in the afternoon.

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She had not eaten anything for an entire day.
Her stomach protested this fact by making loud gurgling sounds.

She glanced about and saw no food within sight, so Lu Zijia had to leave the suite in hunger.

After she left the Mu’s Hotel, Lu Zijia took a taxi and went back to the Lu Family directly.

She observed the narrow body of the car curiously, and Lu Zijia could not help but find it amazing.

Mortal people had a limited life-span, but they were indeed intelligent.
Even if she could not travel with Sword Kinesis Flight, she was still able to reach her destination within a short period of time.
How convenient!

Well, the prerequisite was that she had to have some money with her!

As she thought about this, Lu Zijia subconsciously felt the pocket in her pajamas and found nothing.

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Lu Zijia went through the original host’s memory, and she found that the original host was actually a penniless girl!


Since the original host and her mother were not treated well at the Lu Family, they did not get any allowance from the Lu Family.

All this time, it had been the original host’s mother who helped to pay her daily expenses and tuition fees.

After years of spending, the original host’s mother was basically running out of money, and she did not even have a 100 yuan note on her.

Lu Zijia could not help but let out a sigh – she and the original host had similar experiences.
Neither of them were treated well by their family clan.
In her previous life, Lu Zijia had to start from scratch so that she could support herself.

Unexpectedly, however, she had to support herself too in this new life as well!

“Here we are, Miss,” he reminded her, seeing that Lu Zijia was absent-minded.

The uncle-like driver pulled over at the gate of a luxuriously-looking villa zone.

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Lu Zijia threw a glance at the villa zone with magnificently-embellished gates.

Soon, she saw the two guards who were standing attentively at the gates.
They seemed rather devoted.

Lu Zijia said to the driver loudly before getting out of the car, “Just wait for a moment.”

The driver didn’t have the time to react as she had already left the car and disappeared from his sight.

The driver was about to rush out when he saw Lu Zijia stopping at the guards through the back-view mirror, so he stopped himself and waited.

In the meanwhile, he kept consoling himself – the residents in such a luxurious villa zone were all rich people.
They would not care about the fares that were only worth just a few bucks.

The driver instantly felt much better after consoling himself.

On the other side, Lu Zijia started to walk towards the guards and smiled as she spoke to the two guards who were looking at her with a weird look on their faces, “Excuse me, I am a resident inside and I forgot to bring money with me.
Could you please lend me 100 yuan?”

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The two guards were startled when they heard what she said.

One of the fierce-looking guards suddenly realized what had happened.
He instantly scooped out all the money he had, namely 200 yuan, and passed it to Lu Zijia.

“Second Lady, here is 200, do you think it is enough?”

The guard called her by that title, meaning that he had knowledge of who she was.

Seeing Lu Zijia coming home in pajamas, the guard thought over the matter and decided to give her 100 yuan more so that she could get changed before stepping into the villa.

The guards, who had been working in this villa zone for years, had more or less an idea of what Lu Zijia was like at the Lu Family.

If Lu Zijia went home in this way, she would not have a peaceful time at the Lu Family.

Lu Zijia looked deeply at the guard who had a fierce look but a kind heart, thanked him with a smile, and accepted only 100 yuan instead, knowing that he was showing kindness to her.

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With the 100 yuan in hand, Lu Zijia returned to the taxi.
However, the red note in her hand had turned into a triangle-shaped amulet.

“Uncle, just take the main road on the way home, not the small path.
Safety comes first!”

Lu Zijia suddenly said such a thing to the driver as she passed the note to him, making him quite confused.

Before the driver said anything more, Lu Zijia added.
“It was not easy to make such an amulet.
Please open it when you get home.”

The driver took a look at the red bull amulet and then at Lu Zijia who had already walked into the villa zone, and he was caught between laughter and tears.

PS: The story is totally fictional.
Don’t take the content for real.
I, the writer, have no knowledge of metaphysics, so when it comes to the element of metaphysics, I mostly searched it up online.
Don’t take everything too seriously.

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