ople indeed can’t be too bad, or God will be disgusted and will deal with them himself.”

Du Xiangjun didn’t think about the Buddha beads on her hand at all and gave all the credit to God.

Lu Zijia nodded in cooperation.

“Right, right, we can’t be bad people.
We have to be good people.”

Song Zixuan, who was driving in the front: “…”

For some reason, Song Zixuan felt like Lu Zijia didn’t tell the truth about her sudden change.

However, since her own mother, Du Xiangjun, didn’t ask much either, an outsider like him certainly shouldn’t ask more.

“Right, darling, what’s the deal this guy talked about just now? Is it dangerous?”

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After what happened last time, Du Xiangjun was extremely nervous about her daughter’s safety.

“Mom, don’t worry.
I’ll be the first to run when I’m in danger.
You know I’ve always run fast since I was little.
It’s never my turn to be in danger,” Lu Zijia said without any pressure.

Song Zixuan, who was listening quietly: “…”

Du Xiangjun nodded constantly and agreed with her daughter’s thoughts.

“That’s great, that’s great.
Promise me you’ll put safety first, alright?”

I’m truly afraid of losing you.

Du Xiangjun didn’t say this, but Lu Zijia could see it from the worry in her eyes.

Lu Zijia put up a serious look and promised assuredly, “Mom, I’ve already died once.
I know what’s most important.
Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.

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“You too.
You must be well.

“You must tell me if something happens.
I’m your daughter and can also protect you now.

“Did you forget what I just told you? I survived after getting a master’s inheritance.

“So, I’m sort of a master as well.
I know fortune-telling and Feng Shui.”

Lu Zijia tried to speak in a relaxed tone to avoid stimulating Du Xiangjun’s emotions again.

After hearing that, Du Xiangjun tried her best to open her eyes wide to stop herself from crying as she said in relief, “Alright, alright, my daughter is a master.
That’s wonderful.
I’m proud of you.”

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