Chapter 156: Song Zixuan Who Was Violently Attacked by His Mother

Hearing that her son had already brought Lu Zijia here, Fang Yueqiu’s eyes immediately brightened as she rebuked him, “You kid, really, why didn’t you invite Master Lu in if you’ve brought her here? That’s truly rude.

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“Ah, quick, quick, quick! Take me to Master Lu.
I must invite her in myself.”

Fang Yueqiu thought her son had left the master outside, so she immediately urged him to quickly take her to see the master in a hurry.

Song Zixuan, who was violently attacked by his own mother again, suffered a severe blow.

Seeing how anxious his mother was, Song Zixuan didn’t bother to speak.
He directly moved to the side and showed Lu Zijia behind him.

“Hello, Aunt Song.”

As soon as Song Zixuan gave way, Lu Zijia didn’t feel startled at all.
She even waved at Fang Yueqiu and greeted her very naturally with a smile.

She didn’t act like those masters at all.
Instead, it seemed more like she was here to visit her relative.

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Seeing Lu Zijia suddenly without any preparation in her mind, Fang Yueqiu couldn’t help but feel stunned.

She immediately stared at her son with an exasperated look.

Seriously, this kid! The master was already behind him, but he didn’t say anything.
Luckily, she didn’t say something bad about the master, or how embarrassing would that be?

Song Zixuan, who was stared at: “…”

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to tell his mother, but she didn’t even give him the chance to speak at all!

Song Zixuan deeply felt like he was being treated worse than Dou E.

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“Haha, hello, Master Lu.
Zixuan, this kid, you’ve stood at the door for so long and he still hasn’t invited you in.
How rude of him! Master, please forgive him, haha.”

After staring at her son, Fang Yueqiu immediately changed her expression and spoke to Lu Zijia passionately with a smile.

Song Zixuan, who was attacked unexpectedly: “…”

Was he actually substituted when he was sent abroad?

“Master, come, come.
Please come in and have a seat,” Fang Yueqiu greeted Lu Zijia enthusiastically and completely ignored the resentful gaze from her son at the back.

The VIP ward of the Zhao family was different.
It was a simple suite.

The members of the Zhao family inside the ward all came out after hearing the noises outside.

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“Yueqiu, is someone here?”

Madam Zhao looked a bit pale.
She asked as she walked out with the help of her daughter.

She only heard noises inside the ward, but she didn’t hear what Fang Yueqiu said to them and thus asked this question.

Seeing her good friend, Fang Yueqiu quickly said, “Yuhua, I’ve already invited Master Lu, whom I talked to you about, here.
Look, this is Master Lu, the person who did the Song family a great favor.”

After introducing Lu Zijia to the members of the Zhao family, Fang Yueqiu didn’t forget to introduce them to Lu Zijia as well.

“Master Lu, this is the family that asks you for help.
This is a good friend of mine, Liang Yuhua.
The ones next to her are her children: her son, Zhao Ziteng, and her daughter, Zhao Kexin.

“The person who needs help is their father.
I think he’s being possessed, so I suggested Yuhua to invite you to come, hoping that you can help him.

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“Don’t worry, money is definitely not a problem.”

Knowing that Lu Zijia cared about money, Fang Yueqiu also made a promise for the Zhao family like her son did.

She must say that they were indeed mother and son.

However, Fang Yueqiu didn’t seem to have a problem with Lu Zijia caring so much about money.

After all, masters were also human beings.
They also needed food.
It was reasonable for them to receive remuneration after helping people solve their problems.

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