Chapter 157: Not Trusted

Fang Yueqiu even thought that Lu Zijia “indicating the price clearly” like this was much better than those masters, who claimed to treat money like dirt but still beat around the bush to request for money.

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Lu Zijia sized up the members of the Zhao family without showing a trace as she replied to Fang Yueqiu, “I know.
Master Song has already told me about that on the way here.”

The members of the Zhao family in front of her all looked pretty nice, but she would see if they were truly rare philanthropists that Song Zixuan talked about.

The three members of the Zhao family couldn’t help but feel shocked after seeing that Master Lu, who was extremely capable according to Fang Yueqiu, was so young.

Especially the brother and sister of the Zhao family, Lu Zijia seemed to be even younger than them.

Was this university student, who didn’t seem to have entered society, really a Taoist Master?

Even if she was truly a Taoist Master, would she really be as impressive as Fang Yueqiu said?

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Lu Zijia certainly saw the obvious doubtful reaction of the members of the Lu family with her own eyes.

However, she didn’t say anything or try to prove her ability in a hurry.

On the contrary, Fang Yueqiu, who had experienced this in person, knew that her good friend was skeptical after seeing Lu Zijia, so she said again, “Yuhua, don’t underestimate Master Lu.
Although Master Lu is young, she’s quite capable.

“If the Song family didn’t meet Master Lu, I probably wouldn’t have the chance to come to be with you right now.”

Every time Fang Yueqiu talked about what happened to her family, she still felt the lingering fear in her mind but felt glad as well.

Knowing that her good friend was only trying to help her family, Liang Yuhua couldn’t reject her kindness either.

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She smiled reluctantly and said, “Thank you, Yueqiu.
You’re the only one who’s trying your best to help the Zhao family right now.”

Other than the first day after Zhao Wentian went into a coma, nobody had come to visit him again.

There weren’t many who could help out.

Even if they came up with a solution, they only talked about it and didn’t actually do anything.

Liang Yuhua had been lamenting the fickleness of human relationships these two days.
People only knew who were the good ones during the most difficult time.

Fang Yueqiu grabbed and patted Liang Yuhua’s hand as she said in a rebuking tone, “What are you talking about? With the relationship between our families, why do you still need to thank me?

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“Alright, let’s not talk about something else.
Let Master Lu look at Wentian.
Don’t worry, with Master Lu’s help, Wentian will definitely be fine.”

Liang Yuhua repressed the sorrow in her mind and nodded as she said politely to Lu Zijia, “Then, please help, master.”

Even though Fang Yueqiu highly recommended Lu Zijia and was so confident about her, Liang Yuhua didn’t put much hope on Lu Zijia.

After all, it was too difficult for people to believe Lu Zijia due to her age.
If they didn’t witness it with their own eyes, not many of them would believe her.


Zhao Kexin couldn’t help pulling her mother’s clothes anxiously when she saw that her mother really agreed.

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Zhao Ziteng on the side didn’t agree with his mother’s decision either, but he wasn’t planning to embarrass Lu Zijia in front of everyone else.

After all, this was Fang Yueqiu’s kindness.
If he embarrassed Lu Zijia, it would be the same as embarrassing Fang Yueqiu.

So, Zhao Ziteng pulled his mother to the side and said with a low voice, “Mom, we should contact doctors outside of the country!

“I have some friends overseas.
They should be able to help.
It’s the era of science now.
We should believe in medicine instead of remedies.

“Mom, it’s not that I don’t want Dad to get well, but he really shouldn’t be going through so much under his current situation.”

Liang Yuhua, who originally thought it wasn’t a big deal to let Lu Zijia try, was immediately a bit shaken after listening to her son.

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