Actually, Lu Zijia put a slight touch of magical energy into the safety amulet.
That slight touch of magical energy was enough to save the driver’s life.

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Lu Zijia would not have been so nosy as to get involved with this matter in her previous life.

After all, everyone has their own destiny and she can not save every person who runs into trouble.
She was way too busy to deal with such errands.

However, because she was in a good mood after being given a second chance at life and the driver seemed like a kind-hearted man, she decided to give something nice in return.

That was why she made the safety amulet.
But, it still depended on the driver himself if he was doomed to die now or later.

Unexpectedly, the amulet that Lu Zijia casually made did save the driver’s life.

After the driver left the villa zone, he received a call from his daughter.

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His daughter said between tears that his wife had just puked blood and fainted.
Hearing those words, the driver was startled.
He hung up the phone and hurried back home at the highest speed.

He was totally oblivious of Lu Zijia’s words that he should take the mainroad rather than the small path.

At this moment, what he wanted was to arrive home as quickly as possible.
He simply had no other lingering consideration!

However, as he turned into the small path, a car that had gone out of control suddenly rushed out and crashed into him before he was about to react.


The two cars crashed and made an enormous sound.

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But that was not the end.

The uncontrolled car crashed into the driver’s car but refused to stop.
Instead, it was forcefully pushing the driver’s car into the opposite direction.

The driver’s car was heading backwards alongside a slope.
Everyone knew what would happen if the car slid down the slope.

All the passersby and the cars that were going by were dumbfounded at the sight of the horrible scene.

Some picked up their phones and rang the police subconsciously.

Some passersby who instantly understood what was going on even went to the slope and tried to stop the cars that were driving upwards.
They even shouted to the passersby to leave as soon as possible.

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They intended to stop the accident, but this car crash was apparently heading in an even worse direction, making them totally incapable of doing anything.

It was not a simple joke when two uncontrolled cars crashed into each other and started to fall downwards.

Within a few seconds, the driver’s car crashed down as screams from the bystanders arose.

And the uncontrolled car fell down alongside it.


Thanks to the driver’s luck, his car bumped into a huge old tree after many twists and bumps, and the uncontrolled car that followed the driver’s car crashed into the driver’s car again.

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Due to the huge tree that supported the driver’s car, the uncontrolled car, of which the wheels were spinning, failed to give the driver’s car one more push.

That was to say, they were safe for the time being.

The police arrived very soon.
They helped the driver out of the car very quickly, but he had already passed out.

In the meanwhile, an ambulance arrived as well.

But when the doctor was checking up on the driver, he found that the driver had nothing more than a few scratches.
No serious injuries were created from this serious car crash.

The bystanders present could not help but speak highly of the driver’s luck after hearing what the doctor said.

As for the driver of the uncontrolled car, he was covered with blood as he was carried to the ambulance and taken directly to the emergency department of the hospital.

The driver was being carried to the ambulance when he woke up and found that he was still alive – that was totally unexpected.


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