Chapter 171: Be Careful, Your Second Master Might Asked You to Kneel on the Keyboard for the Whole Night After Going Back

Thinking that Lu Zijia injured Mu Tianyan, Mu Yunhao’s eyes became fierce.
His originally blocking action also turned into a fierce attack in an instant, attacking Lu Zijia.

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However, Lu Zijia dodged and avoided it.

Mu Yunhao didn’t give up attacking because of that.
Instead, he chased after her, looking like he was determined to take revenge for Mu Tianyan.

When Lu Zijia met Mu Yunhao the first time, she had analyzed in her mind that Mu Yunhao’s level of Ancient Martial Arts was equivalent to the third level of Qi practicing in cultivators.

However, Ancient Martial Arts weren’t comparable to cultivation after all.
Ancient Martial Artists were weaker than cultivators of the same level.

Lu Zijia was only at the first level of Qi practicing right now.
She could go beyond her level to challenge Martial Artists at the second level of Ancient Martial Arts, but there was a slim chance for her to beat Mu Yunhao, who was at the third level of Ancient Martial Arts.

And yet, she was better at speed, so it was quite easy for her to avoid Mu Yunhao’s attacks.

“Xiao Hao, we know each other.
Let’s just talk.
It’s not good for us to fight.”

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Lu Zijia dodged to avoid his attacks as she tried to persuade him with good intentions at the same time.

Mu Yunhao ignored what she said and his attacks became more and more fierce, as if he wanted to kill Lu Zijia.

“Xiao Hao, I saved your Second Master kindly.
How can you bite the hand that feeds you?

“What you’re doing is bad! Be careful, your Second Master might ask you to kneel on a keyboard for the whole night after going back.”

Lu Zijia, who surfed the Internet from time to time when she was free, was more and more familiar with modern vocabulary.

However, was it appropriate… to use the phrase “to kneel on a keyboard” on Mu Tianyan and Mu Yunhao, who were even closer than blood brothers?

When Lu Zijia said that, Mu Yunhao happened to kick his leg.
After hearing what she said, his body couldn’t balance and he almost fell to the ground.

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Luckily, he retracted his leg fast enough, or he would probably embarrass himself.

However, he was still secretly terrified by Lu Zijia’s skills.

Even though he had already guessed that Lu Zijia might be a Martial Artist as well, he had never thought that she would even be a bit stronger than he imagined.


When Mu Yunhao tried to continue attacking Lu Zijia, Mu Tianyan’s usual indifferent voice sounded behind him.

Mu Yunhao was reluctant in his mind, but he still listened to Mu Tianyan and stopped what he was doing in the end, returning to Mu Tianyan.

“Second Master, I…”

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Seeing the red blood stains at the corners of Mu Tianyan’s lips, Mu Yunhao instantly wanted to leave with him and take him to the doctor.

As for Lu Zijia’s appearance, he would certainly look into it when he was certain that the Second Master was alright.

However, before he finished talking, Mu Tianyan raised his hand and stopped him.

Mu Yunhao frowned tight with anxiousness in his eyes.
Apparently, he didn’t think that Mu Tianyan should continue to stay here.

“Don’t worry, your Second Master has already spat out the blood.
He’ll be fine.”

Lu Zijia crossed her arms in front of her chest and leaned against a tree as she said lazily, “Really, your Second Master held his blood in his mouth forcibly only to play it cool.

“Is playing it cool more important than his own life?”

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After hearing what Lu Zijia said, Mu Yunhao started to feel confused.
Something then immediately came to his mind and he looked at Mu Tianyan more anxiously.
“Second Master, are you internally injured?”

He only felt that the Second Master didn’t look right just now.
He had never thought the Second Master would be injured internally.

After being reminded by Lu Zijia now, he immediately thought of internal injuries.

Mu Tianyan kept looking at Lu Zijia with a deep gaze and only nodded slightly to respond to Mu Yunhao’s question, admitting that he was indeed internally injured.

He didn’t spit out the blood in his body immediately because he was worried that Mu Mingze and the others would notice something.

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