Chapter 175: Second Master and Madame Were Addicted to Acting

Lu Zijia calmed her mind and showed an exaggerated look on her face, pretending to be surprised.

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“Really? Second Master, you’re so smart and you can’t guess it?” she asked as the shock on her pure and gorgeous face gradually turned into disappointment as if she was extremely disappointed and sad that Mu Tianyan couldn’t guess it.

Mu Yunhao and the others, who were following behind: “…”

Second Master and Madame were truly addicted to acting.
Also, Madame’s acting was a bit too exaggerated, wasn’t it?

Mu Tianyan’s eyes glittered slightly and the stiff corners of his mouth rose up.

“Even the smartest person has something he can’t guess, just like… you, Madam.”

Lu Zijia also smiled.

“I agree with what you said, like I don’t understand you either.”

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Mu Yunhao: “…”

Why did he feel like Madame was indirectly boasting about how smart she was?

Was it an illusion?

Before Mu Tianyan replied to her, Lu Zijia continued, “The present the King of Hell gave me was that he opened the Third Eye for me.

“Do you know what it means to have the Third Eye open? It means that I became someone born to be suitable to be a Taoist Master.
I can be considered a qualified Taoist Master now.

“Remember to come find me if you want to do fortune-telling in the future.
I’ll definitely give you a discount for the sake of our fairly friendly relationship,” Lu Zijia said happily as if she didn’t notice the weird gazes from Mu Yunhao and the others behind her at all.

Mu Tianyan was a top tycoon in the capital.
He must be very rich, so he should be very generous as well.

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She certainly had to take the opportunity to rope in such a potential super tycoon customer.

Lu Zijia, this miser, even had her eyes on the property of her titular husband secretly.
There was probably no one else like her…

“Oh right, Xiao Hao, if you want to know your fortune or your luck in romantic encounters, remember to come to me!

“Don’t worry, I’ll definitely give you a discount.”

After roping in the super tycoon customer, Mu Tianyan, Lu Zijia didn’t forget to find some small customers as well.

This directly made Mu Yunhao and the others speechless.

“It’s indeed a pretty nice present.”

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Mu Tianyan nodded gently, as if he really believed in Lu Zijia’s nonsense.

Lu Zijia’s eyes curved.

“Hehe, that’s why I said the King of Hell is really a good man.”

Mu Yunhao and the others still wanted to ask, “Is the King of Hell really a human being?”

Lu Zijia exerted her strength to push the wheelchair through the door, entering the two-story house Mu Tianyan and the others rented temporarily.

Houses in the rural area weren’t exquisite.
The interior was simply painted in white.

There wasn’t anyone in the house.
Mu Tianyan must have brought too many people, so the owner of the house went to another place.

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“What are you doing?!”

After pushing Mu Tianyan into the house, Lu Zijia walked to the front of Mu Tianyan and reached her hand out to take his pulse.

And yet, before her slender hands touched Mu Tianyan’s wrist, Mu Yunhao, who had been on guard against her since the beginning, stopped her halfway.

She could see that Mu Yunhao was loyal to Mu Tianyan and she had always appreciated loyal people, so she wasn’t angered.

“Of course, treating your Second Master.
Or do you think that your Second Master has the ability to heal himself?”

Although Lu Zijia wasn’t mad, she was a little speechless about this overly nervous Xiao Hao.

“Alright, I still have work to do right now.
I can’t waste too much time on you.

“You should just wait aside!”

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