Chapter 176: I’ll Show You When We Get Back If You Want

As soon as Lu Zijia spoke, she turned her hand agilely to break through Mu Yunhao’s interception as her fair fingers held onto Mu Tianyan’s wrist precisely.

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Witnessing Lu Zijia’s speed again, Mu Yunhao still couldn’t help but feel shocked.

“Please, Madam.”

When Mu Tianyan opened his thin lips gently, he looked up and glanced at Mu Yunhao calmly, signaling him not to act recklessly.

If Lu Zijia really wanted to kill him, she had a lot of opportunities, but she didn’t do so.

Besides, his feelings had been telling him that Lu Zijia wasn’t his enemy since the beginning.

Not only would she not hurt him, but she might even become his greatest help.

Lu Zijia ignored both of their reactions and calmed her mind to focus on taking Mu Tianyan’s pulse.

Lu Zijia soon frowned slightly and she also started looking at Mu Tianyan with a slightly surprised and weird gaze.

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Her eyes immediately looked down unconsciously, landing on Mu Tianyan’s private zone.

She couldn’t believe that such a peerless, handsome man would be… What a shame!

The people who poisoned Mu Tianyan were truly cruel.

Seeing Lu Zijia’s posture when she took the pulse at first, Mu Yunhao thought she was pretty capable.

However, when she suddenly stared at the Second Master’s private zone afterwards, the corners of Mu Yunhao’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch fiercely.

He thought this woman was quite capable just then.
How ridiculous!

As expected, this woman wasn’t trustworthy at all.

What he didn’t understand was, how could Second Master tolerate this woman again and again?

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Did something happen between Second Master and this woman when he couldn’t see?

Mu Yunhao guessed with a doubtful mind on the side, while Mu Tianyan, whose private zone was being stared at, kept letting Lu Zijia stare at him very calmly.

Of course, he looked truly calm when his deeper eyes were ignored.

Mu Tianyan finally spoke after a while, “I’ll show you when we get back if you want.”

Lu Zijia, who was originally in her own thoughts, blinked in confusion after hearing what he said.

Apparently, she had no idea what he wanted to show her after they got back.

Mu Tianyan gave her a teasing gaze, which rarely happened.

“You seemed very engrossed, so I thought you wanted to have a look at it.”

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Lu Zijia, who finally reacted: “…”

She seemed to have just… did something dumb that was a bit difficult to be whitewashed without her knowing…

God knew she only pitied this man.
She didn’t mean anything else at all!

Lu Zijia, who felt like her entire body had turned a bit black, wanted to cry without tears.

“Ahem, well, you have to believe me.
I’m still a child, an innocent child.”

Lu Zijia stood upright and put her hands behind her, keeping a straight face to whitewash her image seriously.

However, could it really be whitewashed?

She knew it couldn’t be whitewashed at all by looking at the “I’m listening to you” faces of Mu Yunhao and the others!

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At this moment, Lu Zijia felt deeply that her superior image of the Master of Golden Core in her previous life instantly crumbled into pieces.

“Hm, I believe you.”

Mu Tianyan nodded slightly.
Although his peerlessly handsome was expressionlessl, Lu Zijia could see a trace of a hidden smile in his deep eyes.

This man was truly a cool person.
He could laugh if he wanted.
Why did he have to pretend to be serious? Really!

Even though Lu Zijia complained in her mind like this, she was actually quite satisfied that Mu Tianyan didn’t laugh.

Otherwise, she might have killed this man.

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