Chapter 180: Caressing the Second Master’s Tiger Head

Witnessing this scene with their own eyes, Mu Yunhao and the others immediately gasped in shock.

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That reaction, they were really too stunned.

When Lu Zijia saw the strange reaction of Mu Yunhao and the others, she only found them truly inexplicable.

And yet, Mu Tianyan’s head was really pleasant to touch.

Thinking of this, Lu Zjjia caressed the tiger’s head a few times again with the excuse of comforting Mu Tianyan.

His smooth hair was even better than hers.
Lu Zijia couldn’t help but feel a bit envious.

However, the envious Lu Zijia had no idea that Mu Tianyan’s body was very stiff right now.

That handsome face, which had always been expressionless, miraculously showed a trace of anger.

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This woman surprisingly dared to touch his head.
She was so audacious!

As a Martial Artist, he hated it the most when someone touched his head or his dantian because these two places were the biggest weaknesses of Martial Artists.

However, the strange thing was that Mu Tianyan wasn’t angry about Lu Zijia touching his head, but her action that seemed like she was petting a dog’s head.

This woman must consider him to be an animal!

Thinking of this, Mu Tianyan became even more furious and he raised his hand, trying to slap away the hand that dared to do something so absurd on his head.

And yet, when he looked up to meet those bright eyes and saw that there was just his reflection in them, the anger originally in his mind immediately disappeared.

And he also retracted his hand, which was raised halfway up, slowly.

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Aware of his abnormality, Mu Tianyan frowned so tight that his eyebrows could almost kill a fly.

“Don’t touch me.”

In the end, Mu Tianyan still slapped away the hand that was making a mess on his head, but very gently.

For Lu Zijia, it was not painful.

And yet, Lu Zijia was slightly disappointed that she couldn’t continue caressing his hair, which felt so good to touch.

Lu Zijia didn’t continue caressing his head.
After all, she would have another chance in the future, wouldn’t she?

Thinking of this, Lu Zija’s eyebrows and eyes curved, looking completely like a real little fox, a little fox with evil intentions.

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Mu Tianyan, who saw the changes in her expression, looked at her with doubt as if he wanted to see through her.

Lu Zijia, who was in a pretty good mood, didn’t seem to notice Mu Tianyan’s gaze that couldn’t be ignored and she said to Mu Yunhao, “I need to draw a talisman here.

“No matter what you see or what happens later, don’t disturb me, okay?”

Talismans must be drawn in one go.
If interrupted halfway, that talisman would be considered damaged.

In order to save resources, she should remind them first.

Hearing that, Mu Yunhao and the others couldn’t help looking at each other, then gazed at Mu Tianyan in the end.

Mu Tianyan looked away and nodded gently, signaling them to do as Lu Zijia said.

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“Yes, Madame.”

Seeing Mu Tianyan nod, Mu Yunhao and the others immediately replied to Lu Zijia respectfully.

Even though Mu Yunhao heard from Uncle He that Lu Zijia claimed to be a Taoish Master and even helped the Song family solve a great problem, he had only heard about it.

Before seeing it with his own eyes, he was still skeptical about Lu Zijia’s ability.

In order to hide the existence of the Ancient Space, Lu Zijia carried a backpack that was neither large nor small.

She walked to the dining table and pretended to take out a piece of talisman paper and cinnabar from the backpack, but they in fact came from the Ancient Space.

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