Chapter 182: A Sudden Increase in Price for Second Master

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Lu Zijia spoke as she put the paper in Mu Yunhao’s hand as if she was afraid that he would change his mind.

Mu Yunhao: “…”

One talisman cost two hundred thousand and she still said it wasn’t expensive? Madame was truly daring in naming her price!

Besides, he remembered that Uncle He said in his message Madame’s talismans cost a hundred thousand each.
Why had the price increased for Second Master?

Of course, Mu Yunhao didn’t feel tricked because of these two things.
It was actually that 0.01% discount.
Only two hundred yuan discount for two hundred thousand yuan, really!

He really wanted to shout at this moment, “Madame, do you dare to be a bit more stingy?”

Compared to the frustration and speechlessness of Mu Yunhao and the others, the corners of Mu Tianyan’s mouth curled up instead.
Apparently, he was in a better mood.

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Facing Lu Zijia’s anticipated gaze, Mu Tianyan nodded gently.

“Alright, I’ll ask someone to transfer the money to you.”

The smile on Lu Zijia’s face immediately became brighter.

A super tycoon was indeed a super tycoon.
A talisman cost two hundred thousand, but he decided to buy it without blinking.

She was indeed right to increase the price spontaneously!

Seeing Lu Zijia, who was smiling like an old fox, Mu Yunhao couldn’t look at her directly.

Even though he already trusted Lu Zijia’s ability, it was really hard for people to believe that she was truly a capable Taoist Master right now.

“The connection in Zhao Village is bad and there’s even no signal on the mountain behind the village.
How should I find you?” Mu Tianyan asked again.

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Lu Zijia waved her hand and blurted out, “You don’t have to find me.
I’ll know when something happens to you.
By then, I’ll come as soon as possible.”

In fact, when she caressed Mu Tianyan’s head just then, she left a mark on his body.

She would be able to sense it when Mu Tianyan was in danger.

Of course, she couldn’t tell the man about this.
After all, leaving a mark on him was the same as watching him.

Considering the man’s style and tactics of working, he wouldn’t be willing to be watched by someone.

To avoid Mu Tianyan from asking, Lu Zijia quickly left using her spiritual power after saying that.

Watching her disappear swiftly, Mu Tianyan gazed down slightly and looked at the talisman in his hand as if he was lost in his thoughts.

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After leaving, Lu Zijia didn’t go back to the two-story old house of the Zhao family right away but wandered around Zhao Village.

An hour later, Lu Zijia finally returned to the old house of the Zhao family.

Seeing Lu Zijia back, the mother and son of the Zhao family, who had been waiting anxiously for a long time in the house, were instantly relieved.

Even Song Zixuan’s lifted heart was also put down slowly.

“You’ve been gone for so long.
Did something happen?” Song Zixuan didn’t have so much to think about as the mother and son of the Zhao family, so he directly asked Lu Zijia.

Lu ZIjia didn’t lie to them either and she nodded.

“Something did happen, but it’s already been dealt with.”

The mother and son of the Zhao family still wanted to ask her something, but since Lu Zijia hadn’t eaten yet, they quickly offered her some food.

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After finishing dinner, Lu Zijia said, “Zhao Village won’t be calm for a while.
Don’t go out there if you don’t have to, especially the mountain behind the village.”

Lu Zijia reminded them and said as she looked at Liang Yuhua and Zhao Ziteng, “Madam Zhao, Master Zhao, you have Mr.
Zhao’s aura on you.

“The evil spirit that wanted to kill Mr.
Zhao may come here anytime.
You must carry the Blessing Talisman with you.”

Hearing that, the mother and son of the Zhao family became nervous and they constantly nodded with a slightly pale face.

“One more thing, did Mr.
Zhao come here a week ago?”

Lu Zijia’s sharp gaze seemed to be able to see through the secret at the bottom of the hearts of the Zhao family’s mother and son.

Liang Yuhua was startled by her changes, but she still answered her, “Yes, my husband came back here a week ago.

“Master, did my husband suddenly collapse because he provoked something dirty in the old house?”

Lu Zijia didn’t answer the question but continued asking, “Why did Mr..
Zhao come back to his hometown? I want the truth.”

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