Chapter 184: Suspicious Points of the Incident (2)

Once she knew where the evil spirit came from and its identity, she would be able to guess where it might go.

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Then, it would be relatively easier to find it.

The mother and son of the Zhao family didn’t think much about the threat Lu Zijia talked about.
They only thought that the evil spirit was scared away by Lu Zijia’s appearance.

Liang Yuhua immediately told Lu Zijia everything she knew about that female classmate in detail.

It turned out the female classmate was called Qi Anyan.
She was Zhao Wentian’s high school classmate and she married someone from Zhao Village.

The family Qi Anyan was married to was a rich family in Zhao Village.
They could be considered the richest family in the village.

A year after Qi Anyan was married in Zhao Village, she got pregnant and her son was born the next year.

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She originally thought her life would be happy forever.
Unexpectedly, there was a huge fire at her house the third year, which didn’t only burn down her home but also took her husband’s life.

Qi Anyan and her son escaped the disaster because she went back to her own family with her son the day before, surviving the tragedy.

However, the only person they could rely on was gone and their house was also gone.
Qi Anyan suffered a huge blow because of that and she immediately got sick.

Since then, Qi Anyan had been in poor health and she had been ill repeatedly.
It had been 22 years now, but her illnesses still hadn’t been cured completely.

Because of that, she finished all her money very quickly, even though she had the savings left by her husband.

Luckily, Qi Anyan had Zhao Wentian’s help all these years, or she would probably not be able to survive until now.

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After hearing that, Lu Zijia pondered for a while and asked again, “Do you know why there was a fire back then?”

22 years ago, Zhao Wentian still hadn’t become successful.
Liang Yuhua stayed at home in the village to take care of their son, so she knew a little about this incident.

She then answered, “The cops came to investigate at that time.
In the end, they said the fire was caused by a gas explosion.

“Not many families in the whole village could afford gas back then, so I remember this more clearly.”

“So, did Qi Anyan bury her husband after he died?” Lu Zijia more or less heard something from the villagers when she wandered around Zhao Village just then.

Liang Yuhua shook her head.
“I’m not sure about this.
Our family was in fact not really close to Qi Anyan’s family.

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“It was after this happened to their family that our families started having a bit more interaction.
Since their house was burnt down back then and they had nowhere to stay, they lived in our house for a while.

Besides, Qi Anyan was in a bad shape back then.
Even her husband’s funeral was organized by her family.

But I heard that nothing was left in the house, so even the body should be gone.”

Liang Yuhua sounded a bit uncertain in the end.

Considering Qi Anyan’s condition at that time, how could she still ask her about such things?

So, she didn’t really care about it afterwards.

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“Master Lu, is there a problem?” Zhao Ziteng asked tentatively.

If it wasn’t related, Master Lu wouldn’t ask about it for no reason, would she?

Lu Zijia shrugged to show that she wasn’t sure.

“I walked around the village just then and heard something.”

“What is it?”

Before the mother and son of the Zhao family asked, Song Zixuan blurted out and asked a question first.

Lu Zijia glanced at the three of them, then looked at Zhao Ziteng after a while.

“Someone found a skeleton on the mountain behind Zhao Village a week ago.”

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