Chapter 189: uspicious Points of the Incident (7)S

The second place Lu Zijia headed to was Qi Anyan’s house that was burnt down back then.

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According to Liang Yuhua, Qi Anyan wasn’t in the mood to build a new house at all after suffering a huge blow and getting ill back then.

So, she went back to an old house with her son and stayed there after tidying it up briefly.

As for that house that was completely burnt down, it just sat there like that and it had been 22 years now.

The house burnt down in the fire was still in tragic condition

The villagers were concerned about the fact that someone died inside, so they either took a detour or walked swiftly when they had no choice but to go past it.

After going down the mountain, Lu Zijia met a lot of villagers along the way.
The villagers in Zhao Village were already used to unfamiliar faces like her now.

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Because many strangers from other places had appeared in Zhao Village one after another in the past week.

The villagers still felt a bit curious at first, but as more and more strangers came, there was nothing surprising anymore.

“Hey, girl, there’s nothing on that side.
You better not go there.”

Walking past a white-haired old lady who was sitting at the door of her home, Lu Zijia was stopped by the old lady.

Lu Zijia stopped walking and said while pretending she didn’t know anything, “It’s alright.
I’m just bored.
I find this place quite nice, so I’m walking around.”

A smile appeared on the old lady’s face when she heard someone compliment her village, but she still persuaded Lu Zijia, “Girl, I still suggest you not to go to that side.”

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The direction the old lady was pointing at was where Qi Anyan’s burnt house was located.

Lu Zijia pretended to be confused.

“Why, granny? I came to travel with my friends.
Can you tell me something about this place?

“Please also let me know where I can and can’t go.
If I go somewhere that I shouldn’t, I’ll feel sorry.”

Lu Zijia had impressive skills in making up stories without changing her expression.
She was truly the master among masters.

Hearing what she said and seeing her sincere little face, the old lady didn’t doubt her at all and everything was coaxed out of her.

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“Hey, girl, you don’t know about it.
That place ahead nearby used to be the house of the richest man in Zhao Village, Zhao Hanlin.

“Unfortunately, there was a huge fire 20 years ago, leaving only his son and his wife.

“Ah, how pitiful! A happy family was suddenly gone just like that.”

The old lady also had some deep feelings when talking about this incident and she couldn’t help but sigh constantly.

“A huge fire?”

Lu Zijia showed an even more confused look to continue getting information from the old lady.

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The old lady stopped weaving the basket with her old eyes full of pity.

“Yeah, I heard the cops say that it was caused by a gas leak.

“I pity Hanlin.
He was such a good kid and he passed away like that not long after he got married and his son was born.”

The old lady sighed as she raised her wrinkled, old hand to wipe the tears at the corners of her eyes.

After that, something seemed to come to the old lady’s mind as she said again, “Girl, you have no idea.
One good turn really deserves another!”

“Oh? How so?” Lu Zijia replied cooperatively.

Seeing that someone was rarely willing to listen to her, the old lady was certainly more willing to talk.
“Although Hanlin, that kid, was the richest man in Zhao Village, he was a nice person.
He didn’t only give financial aid to elderly like us all the time, but also came to the village to help us when he had time.”

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