pale, but it wasn’t difficult to see the beauty in her when she was young.

It could be seen that she was a rare beauty when she was young.

“Hi, Madam Qi,” Lu Zijia smiled and greeted Qi Anyan first.

Qi Anyan also put a friendly smile on her face and invited Lu Zijia to sit enthusiastically.

She said right away, “Wentian is really kind.
As my classmate, he has been putting in his heart and energy to help us both for so many years.
My son and I are truly grateful.

“Just like this time, if he didn’t send me to the hospital in time, I would probably not be able to see my son again,” Qi Anyan said with gratitude and deep feelings.

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This showed that her gratitude to Zhao Wentian was no less than that of her son, Zhao Hengliang.

After pausing for a second, Qi Anyan sighed gently with bitterness on her pale face.

“However, it’s inevitable that people outside talk as he helps the two of us like this.

“Besides, I don’t want Sister Yuhua to misunderstand him.
Miss Lu, please help me persuade Wentian not to help us again in the future when you get back.

“My son and I will remember his kindness forever.

“As for repaying him, we probably won’t be able to do so our entire lives.
We can only return the favor in our next lives.”

Considering Zhao Wentian’s current status, there was nothing Qi Anyan and her son could do to repay him.

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Qi Anyan and her son knew this very clearly.

Because of that, they had been more and more grateful for Zhao Wentian all these years.

At the same time, they had tried to persuade him not to help them many times because the two of them truly had no idea how they could return this increasingly heavy kindness.

Zhao Hengliang on the side also said, “Yeah, I’ve already graduated from university now and I found a pretty nice job.
I’m sure I’ll be able to take care of my Mom in the future.

“If Uncle Zhao needs my help in the future, I’ll definitely not reject him.”

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