Chapter 194: Going to Meet Qi Anyan (4)

Seeing how emotional she was, Lu Zijia comforted her, “Don’t worry, there’s still a great chance Mr.
Zhao can be saved.

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“Besides, I don’t need you to do anything special, Madam Qi.
You just need to answer a few questions.”


Qi Anyan couldn’t react for a second.
Apparently, she didn’t understand how she could save someone by answering questions.

Lu Zijia nodded.

“Right, questions about what happened 22 years ago, which was the fire back then.”

Hearing the words “22 years ago” and “the fire,” Qi Anyan’s face obviously turned pale.

However, Zhao Hengliang didn’t have much reaction.

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After all, he was only one year old at that time and he didn’t remember it at all, so he certainly didn’t feel anything.

Qi Anyan opened her mouth.
Looking at that expression, she seemed to be refusing to talk about what happened back then.

But thinking of Zhao Wentian’s kindness to the two of them, she still talked in the end.

And yet, she sent Zhao Hengliang away.

Zhao Hengliang knew that his mother never wanted him to know how miserable his father’s death was back then, so he left the ward obediently.

A while after her son went out, Qi Anyan said to Lu Zijia, “Miss Lu, what do you want to know? Just ask me! But can the questions you’re going to ask really save Wentian?”

Qi Anyan was still a bit worried about this.

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Lu Zijia didn’t avoid her gaze and said in certainty, “This is very helpful for saving Mr.

“Otherwise, the Zhao family wouldn’t waste time asking me to come find you, right?”

Seeing that Lu Zijia didn’t seem to be lying, Qi Anyan also believed her.

Noticing that Qi Anyan was relaxed, Lu Zijia took the opportunity to ask, “Madam Qi, I’d like to know if someone asked about your whereabouts intentionally before and after the incident.”

Qi Anyan really thought about it seriously.
After a while, she shook her head.

“I don’t think so.”

Lu Zijia moved on to the next question.

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“Madam Qi, I heard that your family was in a pretty good financial situation back then.
There must be a lot of valuable stuff at your home?”

This time, Qi Anyan answered very quickly, “No, we understand that we shouldn’t show people our financial status.

“So, we never put anything valuable at home.
People in the village only know that our family was a little rich.
They definitely have no idea about the details.”

Suddenly, something seemed to come to Qi Anyan’s mind and her expression changed slightly, but she didn’t say anything.

Such a change certainly couldn’t be hidden from Lu Zijia, who had been paying attention to her.

“Madam Qi, if you really want to help Mr.
Zhao, please tell me everything you know.

“Otherwise, the chances of saving Mr.
Zhao will be much smaller.
I hope you understand this.”

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Lu Zijia made it sound more serious on purpose, hoping that Qi Anyan wouldn’t hide anything from her again.

Lu Zijia was really good at grasping people’s weaknesses.

Hearing what she said, Qi Anyan dared not to hide anything anymore and she quickly talked about it.

“I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you.
I’ll definitely tell you everything I know and I’ll not keep anything from you.”

This was about the life of Zhao Wentian, her savior.
Qi Anyan couldn’t care about anything else.

“In fact, my husband brought a sum of money back two days before the incident.
He said it was from his business and he didn’t have time to deposit it in the bank after finishing work, so he brought the money back home.

“A-Also… My husband actually called me the night he died.
He said he saw that the lights at home were on and asked if I returned home early.

“I said no and asked him why, but he didn’t say anything.
After that, he hung up.”

Speaking of this, Qi Anyan’s eyes became even more red.
Apparently, she still couldn’t let go of what happened at that time.

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