Chapter 198: Was the Fire Back Then Really Caused by Someone?

Lu Zijia meant what she said at the beginning, but what she said at the end was pure nonsense in a serious way.

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The purpose was, of course, to make Qi Anyan tell the truth about what happened back then honestly.

Hearing that her husband, who passed away many years ago, might truly have become a ghost, Qi Anyan was happy and sad in her mind at the same time.

Thinking that it was very likely her husband was the person who harmed Zhao Wentian, she couldn’t help feeling anxious.

“What… What should we do? Wentian and I have been well-behaved all these years.
There’s really nothing between us.

“Miss Lu, please help me find my husband.
I’ll explain to him and ask him not to hurt Wentian.

“Miss Lu, please, I can’t let my husband hurt our savior!”

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Qi Anyan was so emotional that she wanted to get out of the hospital bed and even wanted to kneel in front of Lu Zijia.

Lu Zijia held her up quickly and helped her back to the hospital bed.
“Madam Qi, I’ve already told you how you can save Mr.
You have to tell me everything you know.

“Otherwise, Mr.
Zhao will be dead in two days.”

“I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you.
I’ll tell you everything.
I won’t hide anything from you anymore.
I really won’t hide anything from you anymore.”

Qi Anyan burst into tears again, but she covered her mouth tightly, so she wouldn’t wake her son up.

After a while, she explained as she cried, “I didn’t tell the cops what I told you just then.

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“In fact, I wanted to, but I dared not to.
I was afraid that my son and I would die if I told them.

“I only have Xiao Liang left.
I don’t want him to become an orphan, so I can only let my husband down.”

Lu Zijia was confused.
“Why did you dare not to?”

“When I knew that something happened to my family back then, I came back from my parents’ home in a hurry with my son.

“After knowing that my husband had already been burnt, I even passed out on the spot.
When I woke up, it was already two days later.”

Qi Anyan subconsciously grabbed the blanket with both hands and her body couldn’t help but tremble slightly.
“After I woke up, I wanted to tell the police that my husband might have been murdered.

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“But… but someone threw a dead chicken at me on the way and asked me to shut my mouth, or my son and I would end up like my husband.”

“I was already under the weather that day.
After being scared by him, I ran back in fear.

“But when I recovered after two days, I wanted to report to the police again, but I met the person who threw a dead chicken at me again on my way.

“He even warned me that he would kill my son if I didn’t shut my mouth completely.”

Speaking of this, Qi Anyan’s body trembled even more seriously.
“It can be said to be a coincidence after the first time, but it isn’t a coincidence anymore after the second and third time.

“That person was watching me.
That person was really watching the two of us.
I dared not to bet my son’s life on it, so after the third time, I stopped thinking about going to the police.”

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“Who is that person?” Lu Zijia looked at her eyes and asked seriously.

Qi Anyan shook her head a bit hesitantly.
“That man wrapped himself up tight.
I couldn’t see his face at all, but I’m sure he’s a man.

“Also, I remember that the shoes that man was wearing were exactly the same as those of a gangster from Jianghe Village next to us.
Even his voice sounded a bit like him.

“I was really too scared at that time and I didn’t dare to confirm it, so I still can’t be certain if it’s him up till now.”

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