Although Lu Bochuan had no idea what she meant, he was certain that she was not saying nice things.
Therefore, his angry face turned even darker than ever.

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“You unruly girl, admit your mistake now!”

Lu Bochuan was definitely not going to admit that he had conspired against his daughter to deliver her into a man’s bed.

Also, he was going to force Lu Zijia to spill that she had spent the night with Mu Tianyan.

This way, he would have the excuse of “seeking justice” for his daughter from the Mu Family so that Mu Tianyan could be made to marry his daughter.

He had already come to a consensus with the elders at the Mu Family regarding this plan.
The Mu Family stressed that they must succeed in doing this.

Otherwise, the Lu Family was not going to get any of the profits.

Thinking of the profits the Mu Family had offered them, Lu Bochuan had a touch of greed flashing across his eyes.

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Lu Zijia noticed the greed.
She showed a sinister smile.

“Mistake? What mistake did I make?”

Lu Bochuan thought that Lu Zijia was yielding, so he took this opportunity and spilled out the words that might hurt his daughter’s heart deeply.

“What mistake? How dare you pretend not to know!”

“You seduced your sister’s fiance, and you even begged him to be his mistress!”

“Luckily, Nanbo loves your sister so he turned you down.
He told me this matter and asked me not to blame you!”

“But you went to meet another man at a hotel after being turned down! I should not have fathered a shameless daughter like you.
You have ruined our family’s reputation!”

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“If I had known about your behavior, I should have strangled you to death when you were just born!”


Lu Bochuan got so furious that he failed to realize how ironic his so-called speech of justice.

“Lu Bochuan, you hypocritical man! How dare you say these things about Jia!”

“Don’t you ever forget that the daughter you fathered with your shameless mistress is right here standing in front of you!”

“Open your eyes and look!”

As she said those last words, Du Xiangjun furiously pointed at Lu Wanyuan, who was standing next to Old Master Lu.

At this moment, Du Xiangjun regretted deeply that she had been so blinded as to fall for such a man years back.

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Lu Wanyuan, who was pointed at directly, showed a look of disbelief.
Then sadness soon hovered over her face.

Instead of crying or defending herself, she stood motionlessly with her head lowered, but she looked like someone who had been wronged.

In the meanwhile, she created an image of being quite pitiful.

Sure enough, seeing Lu Wanyuan tolerating the injustice in silence, Lu Bochuan got even more furious all of a sudden.

“Du Xiangjun, if you don’t like me, then divorce me and get out of my family!”

“Stop shouting and acting crazily like a bitch.
I’ve lost all face!”

Lu Bochuan looked furious on the surface, but inwardly, he was feeling quite guilty.

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After all, it was a fact that he had an affair when he was still married and brought the love-children home.

But was he going to admit any of this? Of course not!

They had had such fights numerous times during the past dozens of years.
But each time, Du Xiangjun never wanted to divorce and they always ended up being angry at each other for a long while.

In the meanwhile, that made Lu Bochuan and Old Master Lu getting increasingly irritated by her and her daughter.

Lu Bochuan thought that there would not be an exception this time…

But unexpectedly, Du Xiangjun agreed to get divorced directly this time.


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