Chapter 204: Fighting for the Spiritual Plant (3)

They looked so crazy that they didn’t care about anything at all, as if they had lost their minds from killing.

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“Hold your breath.” Sensing that something was wrong, Mu Tianyan’s expression changed slightly and he immediately reminded the others.

However, even though he had already reminded them immediately, two people on their side still got affected.

In order to prevent them from losing control, Mu Yunhao knocked out the two people who were affected quickly.

“Someone poisoned us!”

Looking at those Martial Artists, who were out of control from killing and obviously had something wrong with them, Mu Yunhao was a bit startled in his mind.

To be able to poison so silently in the presence of so many Martial Artists, this person really hid deep enough.

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Besides, they still hadn’t found the person who poisoned them so far.

This made Mu Yunhao even more vigilant.

Mu Tianyan glanced around with a sharp gaze, trying to locate the culprit.

Unfortunately, he still couldn’t find that hidden person after searching around.

Suddenly, Mu Tianyan seemed to notice something and he immediately looked towards the cliff on the right.

A black shadow flashed through his sight quickly.

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If it weren’t for Mu Tianyan’s excellent eyesight, people would have thought that it was an illusion.

“The cliff.”

Mu Tianyan’s voice was still cold.
Even though he knew that someone was going to snatch the “Namo Buddha Lotus” first, he didn’t seem to be anxious at all.

Although Mu Tianyan only said two words, Mu Yunhao, who had been following him since he was little, still understood what he meant easily.

“Follow me!”

After leaving these two words, Mu Yunhao immediately pushed Mu Tianyan’s wheelchair towards the cliff swiftly.

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Several Martial Artists among them also realized that something was wrong.
Although they breathed in some poison gas, they were still a bit sober.

Noticing what Mu Tianyan and the others were doing, they immediately gritted their teeth and followed them closely.
Apparently, they all wanted to get that “Namo Buddha Lotus” that could increase their internal energy by ten years.

If it weren’t that the “Namo Buddha Lotus” had limited uses and was only useful to cultivators at level 3 of Ancient Martial Arts or below, there wouldn’t be only dozens of Martial Artists here to fight for the treasure.

Due to time constraints, Lu Zijia only drew one talisman.
The smell of the talisman after it was burnt could cause a surge of negative emotions in people who smelled it.

Seeing that many people were affected, the corners of Lu Zijia’s mouth curled up slightly.
She took the opportunity and ran towards the edge of the cliff quickly.

Lu Zijia increased her speed to the extreme, but since she was even further away from the edge of the cliff than Mu Tianyan and the others, they were only one step behind her when she arrived.

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“Who are you? What kind of a man would you be if you sneak attacked us?”

Before Mu Tianyan and the others spoke, a rough-looking man among the three Martial Artists who came after them immediately questioned Lu Zijia furiously.

Before they showed up, Lu Zijia cast a spell on herself so that people couldn’t see her face and figure clearly, as if she was covered in a layer of mysterious veil.

Facing the rough man’s question, Lu Zijia: “…”

She was obviously here to snatch food from the tiger’s mouth right now.
How would she be dumb enough to reveal her identity and wait for them to settle scores with her afterwards?

Besides, she was a woman, so she certainly wasn’t a man.

Lu Zijia only glanced at the rough man and ignored him, putting her attention on Mu Tianyan and the others.

Compared to the other three Martial Artists, she felt that Mu Tianyan was the hardest one to deal with.

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