er, it’s truly rare to have someone so open-minded like you! You’re really a man with an indomitable spirit!” Lu Zijia’s exclaiming look was as exaggerated as possible.

In the eyes of Mu Yunhao and the others, it couldn’t be more fake!

Mu Tianyan didn’t seem to hear her insincere words.
The stiff corners of his mouth curled up and his gentle tone totally shocked Mu Yunhao and the others.

“Thank you, Madam.
It’s my honor to be complimented by you.
I’m very happy.”

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The corners of Lu Zijia’s mouth couldn’t help twitching.
This evil man was truly better at making up stories than she was!

For some reason, Lu Zijia had the illusion that this evil man would definitely take her down in the future.

In the end, Lu Zijia still let them enter the mansion.

After all, she had put the “Namo Buddha Lotus” in the Ancient Space a long time ago.
The smell would definitely not leak out at all.

So, even if Mu Tianyan and the others turned this two-story building upside down, they wouldn’t find any trace of the “Namo Buddha Lotus.”

Lu Zijia and Mu Tianyan sat opposite each other in the living room, as if they were fighting against each other without showing.

“Madam, do you know why I’m here?”

Mu Tianyan rubbed the teacup in his hand gently and broke the invisible confrontation between the two of them first.

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Lu Zijia shook her head honestly.

Before she met him, she indeed had no idea why he came to this remote mountain village.

Without waiting for Lu Zijia to ask, Mu Tianyan took the initiative to explain, “I came here for the ‘Namo Buddha Lotus.’ The ‘Namo Buddha Lotus’ can increase the internal energy of Martial Artists at the third or below by ten years of level.

“I want the ‘Namo Buddha Lotus’ because I feel that the poison in my body won’t be able to be suppressed very soon, so I want to use the ‘Namo Buddha Lotus’ to increase my internal energy to buy time.

“However, you said before that you would help me remove the toxins in my body.
I believe you, so the ‘Namo Buddha Lotus’ is dispensable for me right now.”

It was truly rare that this man, who had always been concise, talked so much at once, but…

What did he mean? Was he trying to see if she had the “Namo Buddha Lotus”?

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