Chapter 216: More Than One Person Was Responsible for the Fire Back then (2)

“Madam Zhao, I believe you’ve also known Zhao Hanlin back then.
Do you think he’s someone who can’t differentiate right from wrong?”

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Lu Zijia’s question made Liang Yuhua’s face turn pale instantly, and panic and disbelief even appeared in her eyes.

“This… This is impossible.
My husband is a good man.
How would he possibly do such a thing?

“Impossible, impossible!”

Liang Yuhua was so emotional.
Apparently, she understood what Lu Zijia meant.

Right, what Lu Zijia said was very obvious, which was that Zhao Wentian was involved in the fire back then.

However, this made Liang Yuhua very difficult to accept, or rather, she couldn’t accept it at all.

Because in her mind, even if Zhao Wentian was a bit bad in some ways, she also knew that Zhao Wentian had always cared about her and her son.

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Zhao Wentian was already a very good man in Liang Yuhua’s mind.

But now, someone suddenly told her that the man she had thought was a good man for so many years was actually a murderer who killed for money? How could she accept this?

“Master Lu, is there a misunderstanding? My father would never do something like murdering for money!”

Zhao Ziteng also denied it subconsciously.

Even if his father was indeed bad in some ways, he was still his father!

He was sure that no children would be willing to believe that their father was a murderer who killed for money.

“Right, right, master, master, my husband would definitely not do that kind of thing.
Definitely not!

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“It must be a misunderstanding.
It must be a misunderstanding.
Master, you promised me that you would save my husband.
Master, please, you must save my husband!”

Liang Yuhua’s eyes turned red and she was extremely emotional.
She even wanted to kneel down in front of Lu Zijia on the spot.

However, Lu Zijia quickly stopped her.

“Madam Zhao is too emotional right now to continue talking.
Master Zhao, please take Madam Zhao to rest first!

“We’ll talk about it tomorrow.”

After stopping Liang Yuhua from kneeling, Lu Zijia directly looked at Zhao Ziteng and said.

Zhao Ziteng wanted to say something, but when he met Lu Zijia’s eyes that didn’t allow him to refuse, he could only nod and take his mother back to the room.

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After the mother and son of the Zhao family returned to their room, Song Zixuan couldn’t help asking Lu Zijia in a low voice, “Is Uncle Zhao really related to the fire back then?”

Lu Zijia glanced at him calmly.
When Song Zixuan thought she wouldn’t answer, he heard her say, “There’s sin of killing on Mr.
Do you think Mr.
Zhao has anything to do with it?”

Song Zixuan was shocked in his mind after hearing that.

Although Song Zixuan asked a question, he already believed what Lu Zijia said in his mind.

In fact, Song Zixuan wasn’t the only one who was shocked.
Even Mu Yunhao couldn’t help showing a surprised look.

He had certainly heard of Zhao Wentian, this famous philanthropist in the capital.

People outside all said that Zhao Wentian was a shrewd but not ruthless businessman who knew his place.

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Now, it seemed that he wasn’t not ruthless, but too ruthless.

“How did you know that, Madam?” Mu Tianyan, one of the listeners, suddenly asked at this moment.

Lu Zijia was already used to Mu Tianyan calling her “Madam.”

However, Song Zixuan, who heard it for the first time, widened his eyes in shock and looked at Mu Tianyan subconsciously.

However, when he met Mu Tianyan’s cold eyes, he immediately looked away as if he was startled.

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