Chapter 219: Deceiving Herself and Others (1)

“Son, do you think what Master said is true?” Liang Yuhua couldn’t help feeling a bit desperate and she wanted to get a denial from her son.

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Unfortunately, Zhao Ziteng frowned and didn’t answer, but chose to stay silent.

Apparently, he couldn’t deceive himself anymore at this moment.


Zhao Ziteng opened his mouth and wanted to tell the truth he heard by accident, but as soon as he opened his mouth, Liang Yuhua interrupted him in panic.

“No, no, no, I’m so silly.
I asked a silly question.
Your Dad is such a good person.
How would he possibly kill for money?

“Master Lu must have guessed it wrong.
Right, Master Lu must have guessed it wrong!”

Even though the truth was about to be presented in front of her eyes, Liang Yuhua still deceived herself and didn’t want to believe it.

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Seeing his mother like this, Zhao Ziteng felt bad in his mind as well, but he also knew very well that there would be a day when everything would become clear.

Unless they gave up letting Lu Zijia continue saving his father, the truth would come sooner or later.

“Mom, Master Lu…”

Even though Zhao Ziteng couldn’t bear it in his mind, he still wanted to stop his mother from deceiving herself.

“Son, it’s late.
You must be tired.
Go back to the room and rest first.
I’m fine.
I’m really fine.”

Liang Yuhua interrupted her son again.
Apparently, she didn’t want to hear the truth that she couldn’t accept.

“Mom, stop lying to yourself, alright? Dad…”

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“That’s enough!”

Zhao Ziteng still wanted to say something, but Liang Yuhua stopped him in a severe voice.

“I’m tired.
I want to rest.
Get out!”

Liang Yuhua showed her stern side to her son, which she rarely did for so many years, and her tone couldn’t be rejected.

Zhao Ziteng knew that his mother was truly angry and he couldn’t help smiling wryly in his mind.
In the end, he still left his mother’s room.

After watching her son leave, Liang Yuhua finally couldn’t help bursting into tears.
One drop, two drops, it couldn’t be stopped no matter what.

In fact, many things immediately came to her mind after she heard what Lu Zijia said.

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Many things that she had deliberately forgotten.

For example, why was her husband suddenly able to settle her son’s medical expenses back then?

For example, why did her husband suddenly have contact with the gangsters in the neighboring village? Her husband had never liked those gangsters and had never treated them well.

Right, Liang Yuhua saw her husband, Zhao Wentian, talk to Jiang Jinfu with her own eyes back then.

She had also asked her husband why he would have contact with this gangster, Jiang Jinfu.

At that time, her husband replied, “I just happened to run into him and we talked casually.
We didn’t have anything to do with each other.”

She didn’t think too much then, so she believed him.

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However, now that she thought about it, it didn’t seem to be just a coincidence that they met like her husband mentioned back then.

Also, whenever she talked about Zhao Hanlin or the fire, her husband would have an especially huge reaction.

Besides, how did her husband suddenly get rich back then?

They couldn’t even pay for their son’s medical expenses at that time.

Connecting all these things, Liang Yuhua could no longer convince her conscience even if she wanted to deceive herself.

Thinking that her husband might really do something so insane, Liang Yuhua finally had a meltdown and burst into tears.

The eyes of Zhao Ziteng, who was standing outside the door, also turned red when he heard his mother’s devastated cries in the room.

He was also unwilling to believe that his father, whom he had admired since he was little, was actually a murderer who killed people for money!

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