Chapter 221: Talented Taoist Master

He remembered that the Second Master gave Madame a card before he left the old mansion of the Mu family.

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She could spend at least ten million yuan a month with that card.
Was ten million yuan a month not enough for Madame?

While Mu Yunhao was full of doubts, Mu Tianyan happened to ask what he was thinking, “Is Madame in need of money?”

Even though Mu Tianyan didn’t trust Lu Zijia completely right now, he wouldn’t mistreat her since she was already his titular wife.

Whether it was for her food, housing and daily necessities, or expenses.

Lu Zijia said without looking up, “Right, right, I really need money, very, very much.”

Suddenly, something seemed to come to Lu Zijia’s mind.
She suddenly raised her head and looked at Mu Tianyan.
Her already bright eyes became so dazzling that they almost blinded people at this moment.

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“Second Master, I remember you’re the leader of the rich and powerful in the capital, right? You should know a lot of rich people like you, right?” Lu Zijia asked with anticipation.

Looking at Lu Zijia’s face that obviously said “I have an intention”, a touch of interest flashed through Mu Tianyan’s eyes and his thin lips curved up slightly.
After a while, he nodded slightly.

Seeing Mu Tianyan nod, the smile on Lu Zijia’s face immediately became brighter.
“Second Master, we are husband and wife after all.
Remember to promote for me more when you get back!

“Don’t worry.
I’ll definitely give clients that you introduce a discount and I’ll certainly not let them suffer losses.”

Hearing the word “discount” from Lu Zijia again, Mu Yunhao and Song Zixuan blurted out almost subconsciously, “A discount of 0.01%?”


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Lu Zijia glanced at the two of them in shock.
“You know about it?”

Mu Yunhao and Song Zixuan: “…” They would probably still remember such a stingy discount after a few decades.

Hearing about the 0.01% discount, a smile flashed through Mu Tianyan’s cold eyes and his mood suddenly became quite good.

Even his deep voice had a hint of joy.
“They have a lot of money.
You don’t have to give them any discount.”

Hearing that, Lu Zijia’s eyes immediately brightened.
“That’s great.
I can earn more again!”

The corners of Mu Yunhao and Song Zixuan’s mouths couldn’t help but twitch.
They mourned for the people who were about to be introduced to Madame (Lu Zijia) by the Second Master (Mu Tianyan) in their minds.

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“What talisman is this?”

While Lu Zijia was apparently in a good mood, Mu Tianyan moved closer to her in the wheelchair and asked as he picked up a talisman she finished on the table.

“It’s an Acceleration Talisman.”

Lu Zijia glanced at the talisman in his hand and said immediately.

Song Zixuan couldn’t help being surprised when he heard that.
“Aren’t you drawing Blessing Talismans?”

Lu Zijia glanced at him.
“Of course not.
As a talented and capable Taoist Master, how can you only know how to draw one kind of talisman?”

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There were millions of talismans in the cultivation world.
If one only knew one or two of them, they couldn’t be called talisman masters at all.
Of course, it was the same for other skills.

Song Zixuan: “…”

Why did he feel like he was being despised by Lu Zijia?

Song Zixuan opened his mouth and wanted to refute, but he immediately shut his mouth when Mu Tianyan glanced at him coldly.

Alright, alright, he couldn’t afford to provoke this living King of Hell.
He could just admit defeat and shut up!

“The Acceleration Talisman is pretty good for escaping and in battle.”

Mu Tianyan put down the talisman in his hand and picked up another talisman as he asked, “What talisman is this?”

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