Chapter 222: Are You Willing to Sell It?

Hearing his question again, Lu Zijia simply stopped drawing with the talisman pen in her hand and explained to him while holding her chin with one hand, “Light Body Talisman.
As the name suggests, it reduces your weight.

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“For example, if Xiao Hao thought he was fat, he can use this Light Body Talisman to lose weight!

“However, once the talisman loses its effect, the weight will still return.”

Mu Yunhao: “…”

Why did she have to use him as an example? Besides, he clearly had the standard weight!

Also, could Madame stop calling him Xiao Hao? It really sounded like he was a little mouse…

Together with the Tracking Talisman, Lu Zijia drew a total of five kinds of talismans.
The other two were the Blessing Talismans and the Exorcizing Talismans.

Lu Zijia originally thought that Mu Tianyan was just asking out of curiosity, but unexpectedly…

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“I’ll buy all these talismans.
Madam, are you willing to sell them?” Mu Tianyan looked at Lu Zijia and asked.

As a Martial Artist, Mu Tianyan had certainly seen talismans.

However, all the talismans he had seen, even those drawn by very famous masters, weren’t as effective as the ones drawn by Lu Zijia.

Even though he had never tried these talismans himself, he could feel the energy contained in them.

Lu Zijia immediately had the symbol of money in her eyes and she kept nodding.

But soon, she shook her head again.

Mu Tianyan raised his eyebrows.
“Why? Did the price change?”

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The talismans Lu Zijia drew were even more effective than those drawn by the most famous master in the capital.
The price of 100,000 yuan per talisman was indeed a bit low.

However, Lu Zijia shook her head.
“I’ll sell you half first.
I might need these talismans later.

“Especially the Tracking Talisman.
This is the hardest talisman to draw.
I only succeeded in drawing one after a whole night.”

Since Lu Zijia couldn’t earn the money, she felt extremely heartbroken.
However, her ability was limited right now.

“And yet, if you want more talismans in the future, I can draw them specially for you.

“But… because they’re specially drawn for you, the price will be slightly higher than the current one.

“But Second Master, you don’t lack money.
I believe you wouldn’t care about the slightly higher price, would you?”

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Lu Zijia was all smiles.
She looked so much like a bootlicker.

Song Zixuan looked at Lu Zijia with suspicion.
With this woman’s miser personality, would she really only increase the price a little? He wouldn’t believe it even if he was beaten to death!

Under Lu Zijia’s anticipated gaze, Mu Tianyan nodded kindly and agreed.

Lu Zijia was even more passionate about Mu Tianyan, this tycoon customer.
She even offered him a 0.01% discount.

Song Zixuan: “…”

Mu Yunhao: “…”

While Lu Zijia made such a big deal, there was finally some movement on the stairs.

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Seeing the mother and son of the Zhao family come down, Lu Zijia wasn’t surprised at all, as if she had already expected their final choice.

“Master, please save my husband.”

Liang Yuhua stood in front of Lu Zijia with red, swollen eyes and bowed to her solemnly.

Lu Zijia nodded and reminded her, “This is your last chance.
You can’t regret it after making the decision.”

“My mother and I hope that my father can wake up.
Besides, my father said he wanted to atone for his sins.”

What Zhao Ziteng said obviously showed that they had already considered it clearly and wouldn’t change their minds again.

“Everyone’s here.
Let’s go quickly, or it’ll be too late.” Song Zixuan looked at the time and urged them.

“Hang on.”

Lu Zijia stopped Song Zixuan, who got up and walked outside, then glanced at the door.
“Someone’s here.
Let’s wait a while longer.”

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