Chapter 231: The Truth About the Fire Back Then (1)

“Who… Who’s talking?”

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Song Zixuan, who had never heard Jiang Jinfu’s voice, looked around in shock and doubt for a second.

If the others looked down and observed carefully, they would notice that his legs were shaking slightly…

Lu Zijia kindly pointed in a direction for him to look.

Even though Song Zixuan was a bit terrified in his mind, he thought that he should be temporarily safe with Lu Zijia, this master, around, so he subconsciously looked in the direction Lu Zijia pointed at.

However, he didn’t see Jiang Jinfu at first glance, but when he took a closer look, he found an almost transparent figure!

Song Zixuan only felt his heart suddenly skip a beat and it almost jumped out of his throat.

“That… that is… the evil spirit?”

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Song Zixuan tried his best to pretend to be calm, but he couldn’t help stuttering when he spoke.

He didn’t look like he wasn’t afraid at all.

Lu Zijia nodded honestly.
“Right, he’s the evil spirit and also Jiang Jinfu at the same time.”

When Lu Zijia said the name Jiang Jinfu, she looked at the mother and son of the Zhao family and Qi Anyan.

The reaction of the mother and son of the Zhao family was as stunned and frightened as Qi Anyan’s.
Apart from being terrified, there was also a bit of inexplicable complication and uneasiness.

“What do you mean?”

Zhao Hengliang had already seen a ghost before.
Even though he was also a bit scared right now, he quickly calmed down.

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At the same time, he keenly sensed that there was a hidden meaning in Jiang Jinfu’s words, so he couldn’t help asking.

“Uncle Zhao is a good man.
Why would you hurt him?”

As soon as Zhao Hengliang said this, Jiang Jinfu immediately burst into laughter as if he heard a joke.

“Hahaha… Zhao Wentian is a good person? I’m dying of laughter, hahaha…”

Annoyance rose in Zhao Hengliang’s heart because of Jiang Jinfu’s laugh.
He frowned deeply.
“What are you laughing at?”

“Master, ghosts can’t stay in this world, right? What should we do next?”

Before Jiang Jinfu said anything else, Liang Yuhua asked Lu Zijia in a slightly anxious tone.

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Lu Zijia looked up and glanced at her calmly, as if she could see what she was thinking in her mind at this moment.

“Hm! Liang Yuhua, you vicious woman, you’re indeed as bad as Zhao Wentian!”

Before Lu Zijia replied, Jiang Jinfu looked at Liang Yuhua fiercely and said, “Zhao Wentian killed people back then and now you want me to shut my mouth completely.
You’re indeed a married couple!”

Liang Yuhua’s expression immediately changed drastically after hearing that.

Without waiting for her to explain anything, Jiang Jinfu exposed what she wanted to cover up first.

“Zhao Wentian killed me to silence me and even made me stay in that desolate place on the mountain behind Zhao Village for more than twenty years.

“And yet, he soared and became successful, enjoying a luxurious life for more than two decades.
How can there be such an easy thing in the world?”

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Perhaps because he was extremely resentful, traces of resentment gradually gathered around Jiang Jinfu’s body again.

However, the moment the resentment appeared, it was scattered mercilessly by Lu Zijia’s spiritual power.

Jiang Jinfu looked ferocious and terrifying, but he couldn’t do anything to Lu Zijia, so he could only vent all his resentment and anger on Liang Yuhua.

“Zhao Wentian is lucky that he didn’t die.
But if I didn’t live well, Zhao Wentian won’t either!”

After laughing sinisterly for a while, Jiang Jinfu told the truth that made Qi Anyan and her son extremely shocked under Liang Yuhua’s defeated look.

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