Chapter 235: If You Dare to Smack My Butt, I’ll Ask Uncle to Smack Yours

Hearing what Lu Zijia said, it could be imagined that Mu Ruishu’s face must be flushed.

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“No way! I can help Uncle with a lot of things when I grow up.” Mu Ruishu said furiously.

“Really? We’ll talk about it when you grow up!” Lu Zijia said disapprovingly.

Her tone of obvious disbelief made Mu Ruishu, who was on the other side of the call, so furious that his cheeks bulged like a little frog.

“Hm! Uncle said I’m a man.
I won’t argue with you women!”

Mu Ruishu said arrogantly, not knowing if it was to prevent Lu Zijia from provoking him again.

Without waiting for Lu Zijia to speak, he quickly urged her in a baby voice again, “Bad woman, are you going to save Yuanyuan or not? If you’re not going, I’ll ignore you from now on!”

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Even though Mu Ruishu matured a bit earlier, he was still a kid.
The way he threatened people was just so… direct.

Lu Zijia would certainly accept it when there was business.
Besides, they had already made a deal.
She couldn’t ruin her integrity when her business had just started.

“Yes, yes, yes.
Why wouldn’t I go when I can make money?”

Lu Zijia said as she rolled her eyes.
“But you kid, how dare you threaten me because of your little lover.
I’ll smack your butt when I get back.”

However, Mu Ruishu wasn’t afraid of her threat at all.
He even snorted arrogantly.
“I’m not afraid of you.
If you dare to smack my butt, I’ll ask Uncle to smack yours!”

This bad woman always bullied a kid like him.
He should ask his uncle to teach her a lesson.

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Thinking of this, the arrogance on Mu Ruishu’s little face became even stronger.
He was like a proud peacock, alright?

Lu Zijia: “…”

This kid dared to use Mu Tianyan to suppress her.
Did he dare to fight her openly?

After Lu Zijia hung up the phone in frustration, she glanced at Mu Tianyan faintly.

Mu Tianyan, who was confused: “???”

“I have something to do, so I’ll go back to the capital first.
Help me deal with the rest!” Lu Zijia turned around and said to Song Zixuan.

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Whether it was the fire case back then or the dozen skeletons on the opposite side, someone had to deal with them.

The mother and son of the Zhao family shouldn’t be in the mood to deal with them right now, so she could only ask Song Zixuan, who was close to the Zhao family, to do so.

Hearing that, Song Zixuan subconsciously looked up in the direction of Jiang Jinfu.
“Then, then what about him? He wouldn’t keep following us, would he?”

Even though he had a few Blessing Talismans he bought from Lu Zijia, who knew if the Blessing Talismans would suddenly lose their effect?

So, he should treasure his life and stay away from ghosts!

“No, he’s already useless.
Of course, he will go where he should be.”

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Lu Zijia said as she formed a seal with her hands and cast a spell.
A whirlpool-like black hole then appeared behind Jiang Jinfu.

The moment the whirlpool appeared, Jiang Jinfu, who was floating in the air, felt the huge suction force of the black hole on him.

He knew very well that this black hole whirlpool was the passage to hell.

Jiang Jinfu couldn’t speak because of Lu Zijia’s spell, so he could only show a frightened look and looked at Lu Zijia with begging eyes, hoping that Lu Zijia would let him go.

Unfortunately, Lu Zijia wasn’t moved at all.

Jiang Jinfu couldn’t resist the suction force of the black hole and was soon sucked into it.

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