dha Lotus was in her hands before.

For example, she took down the evil spirit just then.

She was carrying a backpack right now.
If the Namo Buddha Lotus was really in her hands, it should be in the backpack.

However, if it was really in the backpack, Mu Tianyan and the others, who were Martial Artists, would be able to feel it.

So, she was telling Mu Tianyan that she let him down because the Namo Buddha Lotus wasn’t with her.

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Mu Tianyan certainly understood what she meant.
He couldn’t help chuckling as he stared right at her deeply with his black eyes, as if she was his prey.

“I’ve never thought that you would disappoint me, Madam.”

Mu Tianyan’s tone was cold and his eyes were so deep that nobody could tell what he was thinking.
“I told you, I believe you.”

“Oh? So, Second Master, you’ve recognized my ability?” Lu Zijia pretended to be surprised and said.

But she complained in her mind, “I don’t believe you!”

“Of course.”

The corners of Mu Tianyan’s mouth curled up slightly as he looked at Lu Zijia with an even deeper gaze.
“Otherwise, I wouldn’t have agreed to let you cure me, would I?”


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Lu Zijia chuckled fakely.
Apparently, she didn’t believe what he said.

Both of them were talking nonsense seriously, but this man still showed a sincere look.
That was enough! He was even better at acting than she was!

“Looks like you don’t believe me, Madam?”

Seeing her reaction, Mu Tianyan raised his eyebrows and asked.

Lu Zijia glared at him and didn’t bother to go around the bush with him.
She directly made it clear, “You don’t believe me either.
Why should I believe you?

“Don’t worry, I only agreed to stay in the Mu family because I want to return the favor.

“You saved my life and I’ll help you cure the poison.
After that, we’ll owe each other nothing and I’ll also leave after helping you.

“So, you don’t have to think of ways to test me.”

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