Chapter 244: Shameless Second Master of the Mu Family

“Xiao Hao, stop looking.
Come and help!”

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Lu Zijia immediately shouted when she saw that Mu Yunhao only watched her fight with the evil spirit after coming in.

People with a low cultivation level would suffer losses.
Their bodies couldn’t store much spiritual power at all.
If they had to fight with someone for a long time, they wouldn’t be able to last until the end.

Cultivation level, she really had to improve her cultivation level as soon as possible!

Lu Zijia exclaimed in her mind.
At the same time, she was thinking that maybe she could try to find some materials to make a spiritual weapon that could store spiritual power after this incident.

She just didn’t know if there were any weapon-refining materials she needed in this world.

This way, when she fought with someone for a long time next time and the spiritual power in her body was exhausted, she would be able to extract the spiritual power in the spiritual weapon to replenish herself.

Hearing Lu Zijia’s shout, Mu Yunhao almost subconsciously wanted to go up and help.

However, Mu Tianyan stopped him as soon as he took a step forward.

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“Second Master?”

Mu Yunhao looked at Mu Tianyan in confusion.
Apparently, he didn’t understand why he stopped him.

After all, Lu Zijia was the only person who could cure Second Master right now, so they should keep Lu Zijia alive before she did so.

Mu Tianyan didn’t explain to Mu Yunhao, but looked up at Lu Zijia, who was fighting with the evil spirit.
“That’s not the attitude you should have when you ask for help.”

Hearing what Mu Tianyan said, Lu Zijia almost got hit by the evil spirit by accident.

Damn! What was this man doing? Wasn’t he quite easy-going before?

Besides, she hadn’t cured him yet.
Wasn’t he afraid that no one would do so after she died?

“Second Master, I am your wife.”

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Lu Zijia had no idea what Mu Tianyan was planning, so she could only get herself involved with him.

After all, he used to call her Madam before.

“You said you would leave.
After you leave, you’ll no longer be my wife.”

Mu Tianyan refuted her indifferently, looking totally calm!

Lu Zijia: “!!!”

Damn, did this man really have to count cents and pennies?

“So, what do you want?”

Lu Zijia always felt that this man must have a purpose for talking so much with her at this moment.

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Otherwise, this man wouldn’t be Mu Tianyan!

Mu Tianyan’s thin lips curled up with a touch of evilness and his tone carried a trace of unnoticeable joy.
“It’s very simple.
You owe me another favor.”

Didn’t this woman want to leave after repaying her debt? Then, he would make her pay the debt.

Even though Mu Tianyan found himself a bit… childish at this moment, this woman provoked him first.

“You wish!”

Lu Zijia blurted out without thinking.
She knew that this man was indeed plotting against her!

Cultivators valued karma very much.
How would they possibly be willing to owe someone so easily?

Mu Tianyan wasn’t disappointed either.
Even the evil smile at the corners of his mouth didn’t disappear.
“Then, I’m sorry, I can’t help you.”

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Mu Yunhao, who heard every word of their conversation: “…”

What was Second Master trying to do? Why did he feel like Second Master was a bit weird right now?

He already couldn’t figure out what Second Master was thinking in the past, and now, he was totally dumbfounded.

Hearing the pity and teasing tone in Mu Tianyan’s voice, Lu Zijia: “!!!”

Could she kill this annoying man, Mu Tianyan, before dealing with the evil spirit?

Damn, this man was simply taking advantage of the situation! Why didn’t she realize before that this man had such a bad and shameless side?

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