Lu Zijia told her mother that she was going to take care of a sick friend and that she would come home in a couple of days.
She asked her not to get worried.

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Seeing her daughter leaving, Du Xiangjun could not help but stop her, asking her what was hidden inside her heart for a long time.
She did not feel very assured.

“Jia, could you please tell me what on earth happened last night?”


“Did the mistress do something to you behind my back? Did she?”

“Tell me, if she did do something terrible to you, I will take revenge for you even if it means sacrificing my life!”


Du Xiangjun’s voice was so full of fear that she herself could not tell what she was feeling.

With her daughter’s hands in hers, she held a tight grip on them.

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Lu Zijia knew that she had to tell Du Xiangjun what happened; otherwise, she would have all kinds of weird thoughts attacking her head.

She had intended to explain at dinner, but Mu Yunhao had suddenly appeared.

Lu Zijia soon narrated what happened the other night.
She also told her with a stressed tone that Mu Tianyan did nothing to her but also saved her life.

But she also skipped some other parts that should not be mentioned, like how she was no longer the old Lu Zijia any more.


“Damn Lu Bochuan, how could he be so cruel! How could everyone in the Lu Family be so ruthless!”

“You are their daughter and granddaughter! How could they treat you like this!”

“They are simply scumbags and worse than monsters! Oh my god….”

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Hearing the true story, Du Xiangjun bellowed in despair, just like a wounded mother wolf who just wanted to tear apart with her teeth those who hurt her baby.

After some tearful bellowing, Du Xiangjun wept and intended to rush out, intending to seek justice for her daughter.


“Mom, calm down, please now.
I am fine, just calm down…”

Lu Zijia took hold of Du Xiangjun and forced her to take a seat on the sofa as she consoled her by caressing her back.

“Jia, it is my fault! I am so useless! If I had taken you away from the Lu Family, I would not have almost lost you!”


“Jia, I am sorry, I am so sorry…”

Du Xiangjun took hold of her daughter and could not help but shiver badly.
She was still feeling quite scared by the fact that she had almost lost her daughter.

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Lu Zijia caressed her patiently as a touch of a complicated look flashed across her eyes.

If Du Xiangjun knew that her real daughter had died the night before, what would she do? Would she collapse completely?

A long while later, Du Xiangjun calmed herself down, wiped off the tears from her face, and pretended as if she was doing okay.

“I am fine now, don’t worry.
Jia, just go and take care of your friend, and don’t ever forget to take care of yourself!”

“Call me if anything happens, alright?”

Du Xiangjun forced a smile out of herself with tears in eyes.
She kept stressing these words to her daughter, sounding very worried.

Lu Zijia nodded at what she said and left the villa under the lingering look of her mother.

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Seeing her daughter leaving, Du Xiangjun withdrew the smile.
Soon, fury and resentment covered her face instead.

How could the Lu Family treat her cherished daughter like this.
Did they really think that after she broke up with her own family, she was not able to do anything to the Lu Family?

Just wait and see, she was going to make them suffer, even if it meant sacrificing her life!

Du Xiangjun heaved angrily, looking rather furious.
She was going to actualize her anger.


But as she glanced at the table casually and saw the simple dinner made by her daughter, she instantly turned affable again.

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