Chapter 250: Whether You Can Make Her Confess Depends on You

Lu Zijia looked up at the police officer and asked, “Is the name of the male victim Zhuo Changdong?”

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The police officer seemed to be a bit surprised that Lu Zijia knew about this case, but thinking that this case caused a lot of heated discussion in C City, he no longer suspected anything.

“Right, Zhuo Changdong.”

The police officer nodded and immediately looked at Guo Xinru with a slightly weird gaze.

Even though that incident was temporarily classified as an accident, many people on the Internet were saying that Zhuo Changdong was murdered by Guo Xinru, his girlfriend.
Unfortunately, the police had never found any evidence.

Lu Zijia obviously noticed that when Guo Xinru heard the name Zhuo Changdong, she immediately had huge mood swings.

“Miss Guo Xinru, are you going to confess or do you want me to expose what you did?” Lu Zijia said calmly.

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“Master, what do you mean?”

Luo Ziyun looked at Lu Zijia with confusion.
Of course, after taking into account what Guo Xinru said when she hurt herself just then, she kind of had a guess in her mind as well.

She just found it a bit unbelievable.
After all, in her mind, her cousin was known for being a well-behaved girl.
How… How would she do something like that?

“Things have been happening to your family lately because of this cousin of yours.
She harmed herself just then not because she wanted to, but because she felt guilty.”

Due to the presence of the police, Lu Zijia spoke a bit more implicitly, but the husband and wife of the Tang family understood her well.

Lu Zijia then looked at Guo Xinru, who was gritting her teeth and trembling severely, again after she finished talking.
“Even if you can escape the law, you can never escape the ghost in your heart.

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“Just like what happened just then, he’ll pester you forever, so that you’ll never have peace again.”

“Miss, you…”

The head police officer frowned slightly after hearing what Lu Zijia said.
He wanted to say that what she said was a bit of a threat.

However, before he finished talking, Lu Zijia said to him with a smile, “I’m just trying to reason with her.
Officer, do you think I’m wrong?”

The head police officer: “…” It seemed… it really seemed to make sense, but there seemed to be something wrong?

“See, she’s a bitch.
This bitch should die with me!”

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Seeing that even though Guo Xinru was terrified, she didn’t show any signs of yielding and confessing at all, the evil spirit, Zhuo Changdong, immediately became resentful again and rushed to Guo Xinru, wishing he could strangle her to death.

Unfortunately, he, who had lost his dark energy and resentment, could no longer touch anything or anyone at all.

Thinking that the ambulance should arrive soon, Lu Zijia could only use a ruthless move.

She waved her fair and slender hand in front of Guo Xinru’s eyes very naturally.

“Ah… Ah Dong! No, no, no, no, don’t, don’t, please let me go.
I really didn’t do it on purpose.
I really didn’t do it on purpose.
Please let me go!

“I don’t want to.
I really don’t want to.

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Guo Xinru, whose Third Eye was opened by Lu Zijia, was caught off guard and she saw Zhuo Changdong’s ghost.
Her expression immediately changed drastically and she stepped back in panic.

And Luo Ziyun, who was supporting her behind, directly sat on the ground carelessly.

The few police officers saw with their own eyes that Guo Xinru suddenly wanted to crawl and escape, as if she saw a ghost.
Together with what she said, they couldn’t help frowning and showed a skeptical look.

“Whether you can make her confess or not depends on you.” Lu Zijia glanced at Zhuo Changdong and said with a voice transmission.

If she could use a more direct method, why should she waste her effort? She should just stand there quietly.

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