Chapter 254: Second Master Seems to Indulge Madame?

Mu Yunhao: “…” Why did he suddenly feel that Madame wasn’t very reliable?

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Would Madame really succeed in curing Second Master? Would Second Master be killed by the poison earlier instead?

At this moment, Mu Yunhao was deeply skeptical…

Mu Tianyan wasn’t surprised that Lu Zijia knew Mu Ruishu was poisoned by the Yangyan Worm like him.

After all, if Lu Zijia could identify what poison he had, she could certainly diagnose Mu Ruishu’s condition as well.

“Are you confident?”

Mu Tianyan looked directly into Lu Zijia’s eyes with a deep gaze.
His cold face was full of seriousness.


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Lu Zijia nodded without hesitation.
“But I still need some time.
I can eliminate the poison for you first.
Then, you won’t have to be afraid that I can’t cure your nephew afterwards.”

Mu Tianyan was the person who was going to give her one billion.
She couldn’t let him die, or who could she ask for one billion?

“Alright, one billion.
Do I need to pay the deposit first?” Mu Tianyan agreed without thinking.

Since he chose to believe Lu Zijia, he shouldn’t continue to doubt her again and again.

Otherwise, he would only push her further and further away.

“Yes, yes, of course.”

Lu Zijia nodded constantly with sparkling eyes.
She would be a fool not to accept it if he offered to pay her first!

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“Second Master, you know that I’m very poor.
It’s really inconvenient to have no money with me.

“But don’t worry.
I’m 100% credible.
I’ll definitely do my job after receiving your deposit.”

Lu Zijia said as she patted her chest like she was making a guarantee.

The face of Mu Yunhao, who heard everything Lu Zijia said, couldn’t help but twitch.

She had just received one million yuan from the Tang family and she still said she had no money with her.
Madame was obviously lying seriously!

Besides, Madame was indeed rude, but of course, Second Master seemed to… indulge Madame as well?

Mu Yunhao, who was single, couldn’t understand it.

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“100 million for the deposit.
The rest will be paid in a year.”

Mu Tianyan certainly knew that Lu Zijia was talking nonsense seriously, but he still took out the checkbook.

In fact, Lu Zijia was his wife right now.
She could totally ask him for money with this identity.

However, Lu Zijia didn’t do that, so he could only use another way to keep her here.

If he wasn’t afraid that she would notice something, he would directly offer her ten billion.
After all, the bigger the number, the easier it is for him to make her stay.

Lu Zijia, who had no idea that she had missed 9.9 billion, quickly stopped him when she saw that he was about to write a check.
“Wait, I don’t want a check.
Just change the 100 million into emeralds, quality emeralds.”

Mu Tianyan looked up at her and nodded after a while.
He didn’t ask her why she wanted so many emeralds.

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When they were back to the old mansion of the Mu family, it was already past nine at night.
After writing a full page of the medicine names for Mu Tianyan, Lu Zijia found something to eat and went upstairs to her room.

Lu Zijia sat cross-legged on the bed and was about to absorb the spiritual power of the emerald in her hand when something suddenly came to her mind again.
She thought for a while and finally put away the emerald in her hand.

Since she couldn’t plant herbs in the Ancient Space, she could only cultivate more Namo Buddha Lotuses outside.

After a night of cultivation, Lu Zijia slipped to the backyard the next morning.

Lu Zijia was holding a small shovel she found in her hand.
She seemed to be walking around the garden, but in fact, she was looking for a suitable place to plant the Namo Buddha Lotus.

As for the fact that Mu Tianyan would find out about the Namo Buddha Lotus the moment it appeared, Lu Zijia wasn’t worried at all.

The two of them had become partners yesterday and were considered half of their own people.
Mu Tianyan wouldn’t mind that she deceived him, would he?

Lu Zijia still thought that she could believe in Mu Tianyan’s character.

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